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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

love of life

hi guys..
been so long tak update post..
o now im here.. hahhaha

okay... this photo was taken by me myself located at hentian rehat ayer keroh, melaka
while we all on the way to tangkak, johor last friday....
love this pic though i look quite fat... muahahha..
seriousy.. im gaining weight and its irresistible..
thats u know.. half of my life..
because half of them is still at home... hehehe
and.. its not easy to get photo taken with my papa..
see... how he do face like that...

this photo taken by me at kolej matrikulasi tangkak...
biasalah.. being selfie is who i am...
i dont care what people say.,.
as long as im happy...

okay.. that boy there is my 3rd brother...
and the girl is my 2nd sister..
both are scary hahahhaha
and sometimes being sarcastic in their own way...ha5

p/s: love a long journey though in holiday... all of that doesnt make me feel tired..

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