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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A wONderful Holiday

a very wonderful holiday that i ever had in my lifetime... acecece... 
for about 3 weeks semester break, i've been spending the holiday for a programme.
this was a very happening camp..
let say its a summer camp..
but here..
in Malaysia...
Yes... please believe it..

these were my group member..
all are very talented and dedicated in doing their best for this camp..

upper line : qili, echah, syimah, nisa, aifa (me), cha
lower line : apit, arif, naem, syahir, faiz, kucai

this were my students that i need to take care of..
they were all clever, good and happening..

please say that we are cute.. haha..

this is our cheer (specially created by me)
pe pe pe penaakulan mantik..
tengok dari jauh.. kiutnya..
pandang dari sana.. kiutnya...
lihat ke sini.. kiutnya...
kiutnya.. kiutnya.. kiuttnyaa..!!!!

(nyanyi nada gwiyomi ok..~!!)

give me permission to say that these flower is my
i just threw out the idea and there... ting..!!
 its there... a flower.. a beautiful one..
so, anyone who want a tutorial for this flower from me, do request..=p

all the ideas from us were combined and here you can see..
our backdrop for our talentime night.. bravo bravoo..!!


first night in kl..
city msc or known before as i-city..
from left, its me (aifa), yaya, qili and pqa..
thanks yaya for bringing us here.. and also to pqa for become our driver tonight.. and to syimah and qili because without them, maybe i'll spending my other day at nowhere.. =))

from afternoon till evening..
spending my time with my sis at suria klcc..
watched a movie pee mak in the cinema..
and then after that visited the suria klcc park..
its beautiful..
what a creation...
love the day so much..


will continue to part 2

p/s: sleepy already.. nitezzZZZ!!!

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