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Monday, June 17, 2013

a wonderful holiday 2

regarding part 1 that i've been published yesterday.. this is part 2..
nothing important.. just wanna share.. lol

my favourite food there in the camp..
so yummy..~!! red velvet cheese cake..

a piece of cake from secret recipe that i bought for my sister..
but end up sharing with her at the suria klcc park.. (one of my sweet moment with my family because its not always we can going out together..)

receipt from muaz textile..
the goods here is very cheap and beautiful.. love them..
a compulsary place i visited once i'm in kl since schooltime years ago..
look how much i spend on it..
but plus the other thing..
i spent hundreds... (T.T)
now : bringing maggi to hostel.. sob3..

these are shawl that i bought there..
love the pattern and design..

my oren..
ohh seriously...
its so hard to get a picture of him looking straight to camera..
cute right??~!!

oren's sister..
giving birth to 2 babies..
so cute..
all of them..

thats all.. bye...

p/s: 2nd day of 6th semester.. (still doing good..~!!)

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