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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a meaningful birthday gift..

this year birthday gift is the most meaningful for me as i got so many unexpected gift from everything revolving myself here..

1st thing is what had happened all along..
this birthday is the most meaningful ever..
because on this birthday i got to see a movie in the cinema after waited about years at
and 1st time ever step into gaming spot near the cinema and play almost everything in there..
ate domino pizza for the 1st time ever because usually i prefer pizza hut..
also got kfc from the class party..
and i also got to go to my favourite places.. 
all in kuala lumpur..
especially masjid jamek..
buying everything that i can..
klcc.. with my sister.. watching the movie in the cinema again..

2nd of all is what happened today..
i never given a thought to myself to get a bithday cake and a birthday song for me from my friends..
but i got it toninght..
although my birthday has passes for 2 weeks already..
and a funny thing.. i cried..~!!! lol..
never thought of it..
but its just im so touched..
wanna know why?
because this is the first time ever i got a birthday cake from my friends..
and this time also the first time a got a birthday song sang to me.. twice..~!!
because always, i've been celebrated it with my family only..
not even once i celebrate it with others especially friends..
thats why im so touched..
and i know...
im so bad at facing

a delicious cake..
thank you..

im now 22 years old and 2 weeks..

my wish : hope i can go through everything with bless from Allah.. =))

p/s: nite all.. wish you all happy..
cant wait for the new tudung that i ordered from my sis.. its so comfortable...

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Arif AirfAce said...

Thniah lar (^_^)

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