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Friday, February 01, 2013

boring weekend~!!

every weekend.. im so thrilled to come home..
but now, when i am at home..
i feel so bored..
maybe because im not use to a silent house condition..
because in the past, almost all my sis and bro were home.. 
but now, half of us are not
due to study requirement
living their life in hostel..
including me..

and a new breaking news..
my 4th sister have to transfer to MRSM PKP PENGKALAN CHEPA..
registration after chinese new year school holiday..
actually, she's totally not into it..
because she wont leave or separate with her friends in MRSM KUALA TERENGGANU..
she already tried to cancel the offer but her principal wont allow it..
and she already ask my father to ask the principal once again 
but when my father called him
he said i couldnt because she is our forth best student in the school PMR's ranking..
so, want or wont she have to be transferred..
even me is shocked..
and even me couldnt achieved that much of achievment..
and do you know what she told me when she called me yesterday?
'if i knew i'll be transferred, i wont do my best in the exam'
oh my.. and i so mad at her and said..
'dont be stupid.. doing the best in the exam is to determine your future.. not you being transferred or not.. life is more important.. going to a new place will get you new friends, and new experience.. and you can still contact with your old friends... doesnt mean that you are separated from them will make you unfriend them.. it just the way how you treated your friendship.. and make sure of it.. think positive.. maybe your future isnt here.. maybe its there.. think everything..'

lastly, im bored.. help help help........

p/s: nak buat ayam goreng celup tepung... sempat x?? ahah

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