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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


im so happy with my life now.. though living alone feel quite lonely.. but its okay.. i have my friends, family and pets.. thanks to them for always warming my heart.. with them, i step on little by little to live.. but.. happy moment not always come... sometimes a bit of bitterness showed up and i'm weak... i know im weak when my tears start falling.. people says that time will heals everything.. maybe its true.. but now.. its been over 1 years.. its so difficult.. yes i want it to be forgotten.. trying to give lesson for myself from that.. maybe we are not destined for each other... so, life must go on.. dont be sad.. La Tahzan..!! i know i can do it..

p/s: bila kita clash dengan seseorang.. its not that he is not perfect for you or you arent perfect for him.. its just that he is perfect for other woman and you are perfect for other man..

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