LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Monday, October 29, 2012


syabas SESERI for this achievement...
this is truly awesome..
im very proud to be one of your students before 'Zenith 07/08'
though sometimes i feel shame to admit that im your student because i just got 8A'S and 2B'S..
not suit the school standard..
where most other students able to fly overseas.. (T.T)
but, i know, if not because of u, 
i am not who i am right now..
where i know what is actually my ability and who am i..
thanks to you..

hope you will be success forever..

S to the S E.S, E to the E R.I..
gooo SESERI!!!!

P/S: miss my moment there... wish to be there again and repair my mistake..=(


FataMorgana said...

at least ulfa 8 A's... fatin ni berapa je =(

Cik Aifa said...

jangan bersedih.. dulu ulfa pun sedih jugak..
tp mungkin ada hikmahNya disebaliknya...kan??

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