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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Take Care Of Us, Captain" Review

selamat petang..
apa khabar?
hope sihatlah semuanya ya..

setelah khatam satu drama yang dah lame cik aifa carik
akhirnya dapat jua tengok sampai habis..
so, cik aifa nak buat review sket kat sini..
dah tu nak buat review kat mana lagi kan..haha

my own synopsis
ok.. this drama story us about Co-Pilot Han Da Jin who works in an airline company named Wings Air.. 
on her graduation day, a tragedy had happened to her mother who were in an airplane who were driven by her own father Instructor Han Gyu Pil and a co-captain named Kim Yoong Seung.
because of too excited first flight feeling, Co-captain Kim Yoong Seung had made a mistake that cause a sudden turbulence to happen..
during the flight, her mother passed away right after giving birth to her younger sister Han Da Youn or also called as Bo Dong (Fluffy). 
Bo Dong suffer from poisonous blood disease because of unsterilized scissor used while her mother is giving birth to her because of a mistake from a panicked flight attendants..
after 7 years, captain Kim Yoong Seoung come back to korea from australia and start working in Wings Air company where co-captain Han Da Jin works.
after times, the flight attendants, Choi Ji Won came back to Korea..
here the conflicts starts to arouse when Han Da Jin couldnt handle things when being around Choi Ji Won because of memory of the past.. 
relationship between Han Da Jin and Kim Yoong Seung become closer through times as they fall in love to each other.,..
but to become a truthful person for Han Da Jin, Kim Yoong Seung finally revealed his mistake to her and he got rejected and being hated by her..

and the rest?? 
i hope you will watch this drama to know what happen..

Captain Kim Yoong Seung

Co-Captain Han Da Jin

my review
i think this story is a very good and quite unique from other korean drama..
why i said this is because this drama depicts about life of a person who love sky so much...
and although a tragedy happen in the sky, she still endure it with full spirit to the end..
i also love this story as it dont have much kiss scene but it does have beautiful romance scene that so loveable...
it also shows the beautiful of a friends responsibility and also the responsibility to their mistake in the past..
besides, this drama also pass on the knowledge of sky to whoever watch this movie..
and i kind of admire it so much as i am becoming a teacher not a pilot..
so, this could be very useful knowledge to me..
as the conclusion, this drama is among the best drama that i have seen...
and i know i'll watch it again next time when i have leisure time..

p/s: lompat bintang 100x.. =P


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