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Friday, October 12, 2012

Pro's AND Con's Facebook Privacy


1) protect your account from being stalk from people
2) you can control how much you want people know about who are you, what you share, who are your friends, and what page you like and more..
3) you can protects your friend from being stalked through your profile..
4) people wont get what they want to see or know like some disturbing gossip, any news, or what your doing through your profile..


1) maybe your old friends want to confirm you as their friend but the information is not enough because they cant see much of the information..
2) maybe there is someone who wants to be friends with you but cannot..
3) maybe there is someone out there define you as unfriendly person..


okayh... those are some pro's and con's to have a privacy facebook account that i could think of now...
and for me..
my account have been made very private because i want it to be like that..
and why??

first because i dont want any bad information or post or news or photos gone out there through my profile and i dont even know about that though people already talking about them around me.. 
and i would feel so bad if something like that happen..

and there is once happened years ago..
where my boyfriend's girlfriend post something about my boyfriend and she accuse me for being bad girl and treat him badly..
all my friends ask me about that and the hell happened is that i dont know anything about that at that time..
and when i opened it, 
that is a very bad post and the post was actually a false one..

second, i dont want im being stalk by anyone who want to stalk me
and i also didnt want anyone stalk my friend through my facebook account..
so, one of the step i can do is :

third reason is somehow when i think of it deeply..
i actually dont want people to know about me much but i love sharing thing with people....
sometimes being secretive is what we need to feel calm, right??
because sometimes when people know something, 
they keep asking about this and that and sometimes
it can hurt yourself and your feeling
if there is tragedy or things happened behind it..

and sometimes,
 it maybe can annoyed any people because i keep on posting post.. (haha.. like i care..)
although im a person who dont care what people see and say about me,
but i still care a little to not make them annoyed about me
because if they get annoyed by me,
my feeling and hearts are not hurt,
but they are hurting their feeling and hearts because of what they feel, right??
so,though i have nothing to do with their feeling and their hearts..
but i feel so pity to people who got annoyed by me because of my action.. lol

p/s: nk masak ape ni untuk lunch ari nie?? 

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