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Sunday, September 09, 2012

bad luck or test??

when i got home last week on wednesday..
all i got is just that my cat is lost..
cant be found anywhere...
i love him so so much..
and now im typing this post with tears..
man couldn't make me cry..
neither human can make me cry..
but cat...
i cant hold myself into it..
i miss him so so much...
it is just a matter if time that i'll crash the person responsible to this lost..
if im certain of that.. yes.. i'll do it..

last month in the big...
i drop down to the floor because the chair i sat is broke..

last 2 weeks
when i got home
my mom told me that 2 from 3 of my rabbits died mysteriously..

and the other one died tomorrow morning..

last week on monday..
my beloved cat lost... unfound..

last thursday...
the cupboard fell on me..
thank God that its door is open and i slided into it...

is it bad luck or a test???

p/s: assignment.. still untouch..~!!!

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