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Saturday, September 01, 2012

a tired weekend

hello and hi to everyone..
wow.. it has been so long that i didnt written my post in english...
so, here am i with a broken english..
and for that, i'm sorry..
would b my mistake that it been rusting all day 24/7..

so, typing this entre before doing my assignment..
and that's a whole loads of them..
i didnt do it even a bit and i know it gonna give problems..
feels the vibe..

there's nothing actually..
just this weekend is full of shocks and things that im not gonna forget..

all my rabbits gone..
pray them b in the heaven with the good's..
i dont why and how they died...
leaving a mystery though when..
one of them died without an eye,
and one of them died with half of her mouth been eaten by something
and just God know what thing is it..
totally sad because of it..
never thaught that the kiss that i gave them last week is the last moment for me and them..
really miss them so much..(with tears..)

thursday night..
met my ex-boyfriend equal to my friend's brother..
that i've dated years ago while im still a secondary students..
who would have thought that..
and thank God..
he dont see me..
but a glimpse of him does scared me of..
and why??
because i dont wanna him recognize me..
dat's all...

bought 2 pack of 'kulit popia'
and make a basin full of chocolate popia..
but just manage to bring some of them because of people already full in my house..haha

driving alone today back to the hostel
with a slightly nervous feeling that i dont know for what reason
seem's not good
cow's cross,
goat does too,
and so does the sheep..
and at the main gate, 
met with my driving teacher that taught me how to drive a year ago..
thanks to him.. lots of... 

my sister has gone to her university..
starting her degree in architecture...
wonder which specialty will she take..
urban planner??
and two more?(forgot.. sorry...)
hope she'll doing fine then..
miss u actually..
sorry for the verge this morning...
but, poor her cat..
now, nobody care about her (blacky) and sleep alone on the pillow,
and quarrel with mom would be such a pleasure against a jar of hand-made flower..
though it seems harsh but funny actually with the chasing that never end..

i dont know why
i feel not good
and sleepy..
wanna get up early tomorrow morning..

p/s: cant wait for sungkai this thursday.. please God.. Allow us..~!!

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