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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


of course everyone feel boring sometimes at least once..
nobody not..
am i right??
yes and why??

as for me..
i also questioning myself about this..
how to describe myself hmm..
its kinda complicated..
but actually its quite like this..
im kinda person who have strong feeling of passion..

so, what is passion??
passion is a strong feeling of emotion..
yes it got a 'but'
passion is not love..
believe me..
passion is kinda something that happen only for a while and changeable..
for example,
last week u love to do poem
but this week u totally bore about it and listen to the song..
and next week??
u'll do other thing..

so, when i am passionate of thing..
i cant be stop..

and therefore people who are too passionate on something is dangerous..
it doesn't mean that he or she will harm u in the way of sticking u with a stick..
but he or she can make your heart feel terrible sometimes..
especially to opposite gender in terms of love..
this problem basically happen to woman mostly..
for man i dont know because i am a

ok.. its like this..
this kind of woman..
she can easily give her heart on someone..
love him like an angel..
dating all time..
talking bout him all time..
any ways.. all things just 'him'..
but when something terrible happen or a small mistake took over
she easily can let go of him either she broke up with him or the other way opposite..
and she dont regret it..
though she keep all the memory with her but..
she easily can continue living alone or with another man..
the cycle continue..
until when??
i dont know..


so, the reason why i told u this is because im quite like that
im not a person who isnt loyal on someone..
but in everything, im am passionate on something even love also included..
and i dont know what is true love or what love is about..

p/s : bore

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ayung said...

sian dia b0san..^^

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