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Thursday, April 12, 2012

heart aching

nothing to tell actually..
just spending time listening to my dearest classmate's speech..
and me?
yet my turn still haven't come
and it make my heart trembling right now..
i think my turn is on the next week.. hehe..


i want to ask something..
i have a situation here..
and i dont know whether u might experienced it before or not..
totally no idea about that..

here is the situation:
a female person about your age..
she is a totally and complete stranger to u..
although you and her is interconnected as friend  in the social networking site : facebook..
yet she treated herself like i am a well-known friends to her
daa.... who are u to comment on my status welcomely when we never ever chat to each other before even once..

so that is the situation...
i feel kinda mad on her
like i said just now
we never ever been on chatting or other chit chat on phone or sms or face-by-face communication
there was one time
i post something as my status..
and chit chatting with my friend
and suddenly she pop-up there commenting on my status
like she already know me very well
at least.. hello... give salam la..
like doing any introduction or doing ice breaking first..
but none of it done..
if she ask me about my business or photo or anything, 
i take it as ok
then after that we can be friendly
but without any intro
she did this..
hell no..
i admit im a friendly guy
but not as friendly as no introduction...
you are NOT welcomed~!!!!

remember one thing : doesn't mean that u know my friend well make u know me well too.. there is staged from stranger to become a friend~!!

p/s : just go to hell...


ayung said...

salam...hehe..biasa la..2..same situati0n...pnah jgk kna mcm xpa kita kna sabar...kan kan kan...^_^
i like ur bl0g...klu tensen2...tgk bl0g..kamu...bleh baca2...yg kmu p0st..^_^

Cik Aifa said...

yeke.. boleh hilang tensen ke bace blog sy??
thanks sbb sudi membacanya..
nipun jrg2 je update..

ayung said...

yup..^^..0redy add ur in ur fb..hehe..btw suka ngan kucing?...c0z tgk ada gmbar kamu ada kucing..hehe...

Cik Aifa said...

sgt2 suka dgn kucing.. membesar pun dengan kucing

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