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Sunday, March 11, 2012

spending few days at home this holiday feeling quite busy with sewing beads on clothes,
make the brooch and key-chain stuff..
though not much order received but still Alhamdulillah because im just only a beginner in this felt craft world..
and also busy with my kitty that is very naughty..
i already tired enough to arrange things in order and yet he keep scattering all my things behind my back.. ish3..
but love him so much..
my poor baby..
doesnt get her mother's love..
so, im her mother..haha..
anyway, love cat so much..
been for a quite long time searching for a full black
and as usual, still dont move any step on week k..
this week i wanna concentrate on clothes..
and by the way..
i need to manage my time wisely for business and study
because i dont want my cgpa drop
if so, my dad will stop me from doing this business..
so, need to work harder..
and i think this sem is the toughest sem because its physic..
and all the nonsense

p/s: keep thinking on how to increase self-motivation..
p/s 2: who want to make brooch, hairclip, keychain and hp strap order, you can open my blog AIFA FELT (just click the name)

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