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Monday, March 05, 2012

bad mood

maybe u reader will find it a little weird on why i change my blogger template..
it just nothing..
im just not in a good state of mind condition..
everything in the past keep coming to me 
and all of them make me wondering for a while..
actually its complicated to think..

just u think..
we shouldn't feel disappointed once we let go of something...
but now..
why and why..
i feel jealous of ***... tettt... (only me know)
so, what should i consider it?
maybe it just for the time being i guess..
please.. make it all back to normal..
normal life.. normal feeling.. normal friendship... normal routine..

i still dont buy my bus ticket for going to and going back from k.l for my sbe..
that is one more problem that show's the fact that im useless...
and more fact are that i'm busy for nothing and even i dont do the assignment..
so, what have i done and what should i do??

p/s: so hungry..  

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