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Friday, March 09, 2012

happy holiday

happy holiday i wish to all..
only if u are having holiday for the time being..
well.. weekend is also holiday..
am i right?? answer me~!!! lol..

just arrived at home yesterday at 6.15pm..
last night i made the roses brooch..
and this morning, it sold out..
actually.. i become the supplier and sold it out to one akak at guntung market today..
she sell loads of brooch already..
and thank Allah because she is willing to take stock from me..

so, what do i do today?
actually i need to embroider the beads on a baju kurung sent by Kak Nah Tukang Jahit tuesday ago..
need to finish it up before sunday..
and the parts that i need to do is no joke..
and besides, it quite giving me some tension when loads of red and white beads is run out..
aishh.. and the shop is close today..
and tomorrow i cant go buy it because i need to get back to my institute..
because i had left my trouser without intention..
and this make myself feeling full of stupidity..
hate this..~!!
wasting my time..
how could i didn't take it..

p/s : aware of your surrounding.. dont left thing's u want behind.. or not.. u will disappoint urself at the moment u realize it..

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