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Friday, March 16, 2012


just arrived at universiti malaya
after taking a long journey by bus from 9.30 pm to 5.45 a.m,
taking lrt pwtc-masjid jamek, 
then switched to kelana jaya line
masjid jamek - universiti,
then took the taxi from lrt station to u.m..
seriuosly, i always pay only about rm 3 something for taxi fee,
but just now, i paid rm5..
wondering.. maybe that taxi uncle cheating his meter maa...

p/s : where to go.. sleep 1st

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


tomorrow will depart from Pasir Puteh - Kl at 9.30 p.m by bus..
hope my journey all safe..Aminn..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

spending few days at home this holiday feeling quite busy with sewing beads on clothes,
make the brooch and key-chain stuff..
though not much order received but still Alhamdulillah because im just only a beginner in this felt craft world..
and also busy with my kitty that is very naughty..
i already tired enough to arrange things in order and yet he keep scattering all my things behind my back.. ish3..
but love him so much..
my poor baby..
doesnt get her mother's love..
so, im her mother..haha..
anyway, love cat so much..
been for a quite long time searching for a full black
and as usual, still dont move any step on week k..
this week i wanna concentrate on clothes..
and by the way..
i need to manage my time wisely for business and study
because i dont want my cgpa drop
if so, my dad will stop me from doing this business..
so, need to work harder..
and i think this sem is the toughest sem because its physic..
and all the nonsense

p/s: keep thinking on how to increase self-motivation..
p/s 2: who want to make brooch, hairclip, keychain and hp strap order, you can open my blog AIFA FELT (just click the name)

Friday, March 09, 2012

happy holiday

happy holiday i wish to all..
only if u are having holiday for the time being..
well.. weekend is also holiday..
am i right?? answer me~!!! lol..

just arrived at home yesterday at 6.15pm..
last night i made the roses brooch..
and this morning, it sold out..
actually.. i become the supplier and sold it out to one akak at guntung market today..
she sell loads of brooch already..
and thank Allah because she is willing to take stock from me..

so, what do i do today?
actually i need to embroider the beads on a baju kurung sent by Kak Nah Tukang Jahit tuesday ago..
need to finish it up before sunday..
and the parts that i need to do is no joke..
and besides, it quite giving me some tension when loads of red and white beads is run out..
aishh.. and the shop is close today..
and tomorrow i cant go buy it because i need to get back to my institute..
because i had left my trouser without intention..
and this make myself feeling full of stupidity..
hate this..~!!
wasting my time..
how could i didn't take it..

p/s : aware of your surrounding.. dont left thing's u want behind.. or not.. u will disappoint urself at the moment u realize it..

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


actually.. just finish washing all the clothes..
2 big pail full of them..
suddenly im kinda work out on something...haha
owh nothing.. 
i wash them just because tomorrow im going back home.. 
after mid semester holiday, i'll be in k.l for my schoo based experience programme..
still the bus ticket is not yet bought..

start packing and thinking on what item should be brought there..huhu
and i also need to strengthen up my skill on embroidery..
and need to be a hardworking person..
such a tough thing to do becaese i love to linger around nothing..

p/s : assignment waitim~!!

Monday, March 05, 2012

bad mood

maybe u reader will find it a little weird on why i change my blogger template..
it just nothing..
im just not in a good state of mind condition..
everything in the past keep coming to me 
and all of them make me wondering for a while..
actually its complicated to think..

just u think..
we shouldn't feel disappointed once we let go of something...
but now..
why and why..
i feel jealous of ***... tettt... (only me know)
so, what should i consider it?
maybe it just for the time being i guess..
please.. make it all back to normal..
normal life.. normal feeling.. normal friendship... normal routine..

i still dont buy my bus ticket for going to and going back from k.l for my sbe..
that is one more problem that show's the fact that im useless...
and more fact are that i'm busy for nothing and even i dont do the assignment..
so, what have i done and what should i do??

p/s: so hungry..  


Representatives are all from ipg Kampus Sultan Mizan, IPG Kampus Dato' Razali Ismail, IPG Kampus Tengku Ampuan Afzan and IPG Kampus Kota Bharu..
not much to talk but enjoy the pic k..

the arrival

my bed - keras cam batu

hujan manjang dr rabu ke sabtu malam

1st activity

2nd activity


sleeping boy that active at night only

some macro

food bought by zul mn while waiting for the water activity finished

so hungry in a rainy day

the child's park

some views

my groups

photo taken before we going back home

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