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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Life Drama

is full of drama...
there are scene where u are sad, happy, depress, excited, joy, bitter, and glad..
are ur life like this?
and for my life..
yes, it is..

life is complicated..
we can say that..
and do we feel it??
reflect urself in front the mirror..
then, u will realize it..

if u say that ur life have zero problem..
exactly whether yes it is or no it isn't,
maybe u just state no as to not let people know ur life..
and there is definitely only u know ur life..
none others..

different people have different life although we live in one world..
why i said this?
this because life of an architect is totally different from life of a president or life of a driver..
differ people, differ life, differ perspective..
though that architect know what a president's life is, 
but still it is not totally his life...
right, am i??
just question urself..

p/s : live ur life as u wish as it is yours... though others advice u, but thinks, u make the choices and it is ur life..

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