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Friday, September 30, 2011

Vampire diaries - the awakening

because im too passionate with both two state of vampire diaries either season's drama or book series, i wanna share about its synopsis.. this is because i find out that it is very interesting and both films and books are very good and though its little bit different around the plot but it is very very very good. its totally marvellous.. owh.. really cant wait for the season three to finish. okayh.. i think i have blabbered to much.. so.. just read kayh..
and i'll post it by chapter..

p/s : watch the season drama and read the book series.. there.. you will know why im so excited about it..


Synopsis of the novel Vampire Diaries - The Awakening

            Elena Gilbert is the most beautiful and popular girl in all of Robert E. Lee High School. She is driven by a desire to be the best at everything. Elena feels an intense, immediate and indescribable connection with a handsome new student named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan eventually rescues Elena from Tyler Smallwood on the night of the Homecoming Dance. Afterward, the two gradually bond, leading him to reciprocate her affections. As the pair fall deeply in love, their town, Fells Church is being terrorized by inexplicable, horrifying 'animal attacks', with Stefan becoming a suspect.
            When Elena tries to confront Stefan, she discovers his terrible secret. Stefan is a vampire, born in the Italian Renaissance during the late fifteenth century. But Stefan isn't the one who has been committing the murders; the perpetrator is Stefan Salvatore's diabolical older brother, Damon Salvatore, who lives to wreak havoc and distribute misery on Stefan's life. The two brothers were turned into vampires by the coquettish German Lady Katherine von Swartschild, whom both brothers fell in love with. Katherine was sent to stay with Stefan and Damon's family to recover from an illness. When Stefan and Damon had an argument over Katherine and asked her to choose between them, she refused to do so and she got upset and ran off. The next morning, her dress was found with a pile of ashes and her ring that protected her from the sunlight under a tree.
            The two brothers had a fight to the death, in which they both killed each other. They woke up days later inside their tomb. The reason why Stefan initially avoided Elena was because Elena is a doppelganger of Katherine and brought back memories of his life with his former vampire girlfriend. For this same reason, Damon also chooses to pursue Elena, following her around in the magical disguise of a crow and he invades her dreams. Despite the duress, Elena rejects Damon's advances and remains stoically loyal to Stefan. Elena's rejection angers Damon. In a fit of rage, he provokes Stefan to fight. In the aftermath, Stefan disappears. The townspeople of Fell's Church believe Stefan's disappearance cements the truth that Stefan is behind the attacks. However, Elena's sure she doesn't know what had really happened. She thinks that Damon is responsible for Stefan's disappearance, and she knows that Stefan is in grave danger.

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