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Friday, September 30, 2011

vampire diaries 7

Synopsis of the novel Vampire Diaries - The Return: Midnight

            Damon is now human. He uses Misao's star ball to reopen the gate to the Dark Dimension and takes Bonnie with him by accident. Damon is then turned back into a vampire by Princess Jessalyn. Bonnie is arrested as a runaway slave and taken to an auction house to be sold. Shinichi buys Bonnie to extract information about Misao's star ball. Since the group has drained Power out of it, Misao is dying. Shinichi throws Bonnie out of a window, but Damon saves her.
            Meanwhile back in Fell's Church, Matt is arrested for assaulting Caroline, and Stefan, Elena and Mrs. Flowers have to get him out. They bring in Saber, a hell hound Sage left to protect them. Caroline changes into a werewolf at the sight of him. All the other officials at the court all turn into werewolves as well. When Matt is free, Stefan and Elena go into the Dark Dimension to find their friends, which they do at Lady Ulma's house. Soon after the four of them travel to the Nether World in search of the largest star ball ever made in hopes that it will save their town from The Last Midnight (the Last Midnight is then revealed to be all the possessed children attacking their parents).
            Sage is the guardian of the Gate where the treasures are, including the star ball. He lets the group pass and visit one of the 7 gateways. Meredith discovers that she had a twin brother named Cristian, who almost died, but Klaus had taken him when they were only 3 years old when the "attack" went on with her grandfather. She also tells the group what she really is, which is a hunter-slayer, and a new type of vampire with small fangs. Her parents have been feeding her amounts of blood in their meals.
            The kitsunes say they are working for someone who told them to destroy Fell's Church. It turns out to be Inari, Isobel's Grandmother. She is the Japanese goddess of rice and foxes; she is the most powerful Kitsune in the world and the star ball is hers.
            In the Nether World, on the smallest moon, the group finds the star ball in a large tree. Damon is unexpectedly killed by the tree when it stakes him in the heart while he saved Bonnie from falling to her death. Elena uses her "Wings Of Destruction" to destroy the tree and star ball, killing Inari. Shinichi had died earlier from the "Sin of Regret" and Misao dies when all the Power from her star ball has been drained.
            Mrs. Flowers changed into a younger version of herself before Inari died. Everyone, including Stefan, Bonnie, and especially Elena, mourns the death of Damon, while Elena promises to never forget him or how she loved him. Sage tells them that maybe the Celestial Court can reverse all the damage done in Fell's Church. There it is revealed by the leader of the blonde Guardians that Elena was destined to become a guardian and when she and her family were driving in their car they appeared to her on earth.
            Young Elena was more talented then they expected and was able to see them passing and she distracted her father when she told him about what she saw. Elena was the one meant to have died in the accident (although they had planned on simply kidnapping her) so she could become a Guardian in the Dark Dimension. The Celestial Court agrees to reverse what was done in Fell's Church (in return for the treasures they had collected) and erase the memory of what happened there.
            Elena can go back home as if she had never died and Stefan will be accepted as her boyfriend. Vicki Bennett, Sue Carson, and Mr. Tanner all get their lives back, but unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for Damon. When angered that the Celestial Court will not do anything to save Damon she begins to unleash her wings of destruction. However Lenea, a soldier at the court, stops her from speaking the words and therefore the power is not unleashed.
            Angered by her attempt to kill them The three Guardians of the Celestial Court decide Elena is unfit to wield the great power of her wings and so they clip her of all six of them. Elena quickly asks to just be sent home to Fell's Church after they have undid everything. However her wings and telpathy (with everyone but Stefan) are lost and she is practically fully human once again with no supernatural aspect about her. Stefan and Elena sit in her old room and cherish the memories that they have of Damon. The book ends on the Nether World's smallest moon. It is raining from the tree Elena had destroyed and liquid drips onto a lifeless body. Only it seems to not be lifeless; it thinks of a girl with golden hair and blue eyes and a girl with a small face and brown eyes; Elena and Bonnie. It says if he can only remember who he is, he can live again, and with time a self revelation came, a name, Damon.

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