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Friday, September 30, 2011

vampire diaries 5

Synopsis of the novel Vampire Diaries - The Return: Nightfall

            Picking up one week after Elena was brought back to life, she is in a child-like state and cannot read, write or speak (except with mental pictures). Caroline awakens early every morning to talk with a reflection of herself in the mirror, as Damon observes. He feels a sting at his neck, but asks Caroline to invite him in. He is about to drain her of blood, but realizes something was influencing him.
            Stefan allows Bonnie, Meredith, and Caroline to visit Elena, who kisses Caroline on the lips to identify her. This upsets Caroline who is ordered to leave. It is revealed that Mrs. Flowers is a witch and her mother had died at the turn of the twentieth century. Meredith, Bonnie, and Matt are in the car on their way back from the boardinghouse, but crash into a tree, which grows larger and larger, trapping them inside. Bonnie calls Damon for help. He chooses to save the nearly dead Bonnie. Stefan goes back to save Matt and Meredith, while Damon heals Bonnie.
            Elena wakes up one morning back to normal. She and Stefan invite everyone for a picnic, where they agree that malach, evil parasitic creatures, have infested the Old Wood, and that they are under the control of someone. One night, Damon watches from a tree with jealously, Stefan and Elena floating in the air, lost in bliss.
            A kitsune, a fox-spirit from Japan, who calls himself the "Hell Shinichi" appears. He explains that he and his sister Misao want the town of Fell's Chuch. Misao loves to play games, which end in the town's destruction. Damon makes a deal with Shinichi to let them destroy the town, but let he and "his girls" get out safely. Shinichi makes the malach inside Damon(the one that entered him though the sting he felt earlier) grow. More malach enter him as well. The young girls of the town are acting strange.
            Meredith and Bonnie go to Caroline's house where they find her scuttling on the floor like a lizard. Elena and Matt visit Tami Byrce, who is only wearing bikini bottom cut into a thong and has glued card board and glitter to her body. Meredith and Bonnie then visit Isobel Saitou has pierced her entire body and cut her tongue like a snake's. It's from Obassan, Isobel's grandmother do they find out this is the work of a kitsune.

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