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Friday, September 30, 2011

vampire diaries 3

Synopsis of the novel Vampire Diaries - The Fury

            This book begins with the newly "turned" Elena watching Damon and Stefan engaged in a fight to the death. Initially, she does not recognize the brothers due to her confused state, having recently died and risen as a vampire, but soon a flicker of memory causes her to realize the one she loves is hurt and needs her help. The reader is led to believe she is referring to Stefan. But instead Elena attacks him, and fully intends to kill him for hurting Damon. Stefan, upon recognizing Elena, doesn't fight back and allows her to bite him. Damon eventually commands her to stop and takes her in search of human blood. Stefan intervenes, not wanting Elena to kill someone, and instead makes her drink Matt's blood.
            Afterwards, Damon hides her in Alaric Saltzman's attic and once she has rested, her disorientation begins to lift. Elena is deeply bothered and upset about the way she attacked Stefan. When Elena wakes up she hears Alaric speaking about vampires and then about a memorial service. Elena goes to the service and is found by Stefan and Damon, who agreed that all of them would work together. Stefan is relieved when Elena remembers their love and Damon is enraged, but the three are distracted by the strange behavior of a large pack of the town's pet dogs who are attacking their owners. More strange events lead the three vampires, with the help of Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Alaric, to conclude that the same Power which forced Elena off of the bridge is still stalking the town.
            It transpires that Katherine, the vampire who turned Damon and Stefan, faked her own death 500 years before in a vain attempt to bring the brothers closer. Her plan failed, and the brothers killed each other and then rose as vampires instead. Katherine was infuriated by the brothers' continuing feud, so she fled to Klaus, the one who had turned her into a vampire on her death bed. Under his teaching, Katherine became more powerful and quite unstable. She eventually has Damon, Stefan and Elena tied up in an underground crypt where she plans to torture and dispose of them all. It is here that Katherine confesses that she has always loved Stefan more than Damon.
            During the struggle, Elena manages to free herself, forcing Katherine into a shaft of sunlight and tearing off her protective lapis lazuli necklace. Elena is badly burned herself as Katherine had already removed the protective ring from Elena's hand. Stefan pulls Elena back into the shadows but it is too late; Elena has died in Stefan's arms after she made him promise to take good care of Damon.

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