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Friday, May 20, 2011


HAAA...who ever heard about Pasar Besut..
why is it so interesting to talk about??

haha.. its just nothing..

Have you ever been to Perhentian Island??

perhentian island

perhentian island

so... If u've been there, dats mean you may know about Pasar Besut or Besut Friday Market

first.. let we enjoy the view of the Friday Market (Pasar Besut)

see that??
loads of local fruits, vegetables, silks, flower and others..
everything is sells there..
and the most important thing..
with a reasonable price..
sometimes, when people go there...
they didn't even realize that their money flow out running like water..
buying that buying this till u dont have enough hand to bring all those stuff u bought..
this market is very popular in Malaysia especially to those who live in Kelantan and Terengganu..
every friday.. the roads was like devastated by tsunami of peoples and vehicles..
its located at the boundary of those state.. 

this market is held every week on friday morning from 8 am till 12 noon..

so, if you are on the way to Perhentian Island,
dont forget to come to this market too..
this because its just located near the jetty to Perhentian Island..


then judge it by yourself..

and by the way..
my campus is in front of the Bukit Kluang Beach Resort..
there are beautiful beaches here..

i always go there in the evening..
watching the sunset..
its too beautiful..

so, find your chance to come here kayh..
im sure you will enjoy yourself..

p/s: i love lying on the sand and staring the wide sky..


Ecah Ecot said...

cantiknye pulau perhentian!!

CiK AiFa.. said...

cntk kn?? blehla bercuti kat sana..=)

hunnys~ said...

kite da sampai pulau perhentian!
sgt chantek!

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