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Monday, April 18, 2011


semalam dpt balik assignment ELP.. baiki essay sket je..
agak kecewa bile madam kate "please use your own words in your essay".. i was like totally shocked.. OMG.. i wrote the essay on my own.. how come she look down to me so much like that.. i'm wondering... maybe she thought we are still preparing for SPM.. helllooooo.. my essay in SPM is much better than now.. how could i suppose to do my essay?? like a 12 years old student?? then where is the title of tertiary level students?? i didnt want to complain about her.. but.. its just im disappointed with what happen.. imagine.. when  i got the assignment back.. i just bring it home to my room.. then, last night, when i want to do the correction, i was like totally shocked again.. why?? because there is no grammatical error there but she corrected it to be a false one.. never mind.. im a science student.. she is an english lecturer.. so, maybe she doesnt know how is it going in science.. but for me she must try to accept it in from our point of view.. not by her understanding only.. what she didnt know and we know about it, she said all of it are wrong.. then, how could we wanna be excellent if whatever we do is right but then is corrected to false.. hurmm... its not just me happened to be like that, but others also.. one of my friend said, there was one time she taught lesson in her class, then answered a question, my friend said a right answer, but she said wrong answer and give wrong answer.. then from there she know that she is not majoring in language study.. because her language study is quite not good.. i didnt say bad ok.. but sincerely i say, we can detect her grammatical error while she is speaking and saying words.. hurmm.. so... i dont know.. no comment.. but just my dissapointed to what happen to my assignment..

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