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Sunday, April 24, 2011

4 u n i know u know this is 4 u

dont feeling guilt for what had hap
pen... im sad when i read your story.. i know the story like that is too important for you.. because its your first love.. but, i can do nothing.. forgive me for making you sad.. and thanks for your love.. appreciate it.. but i'll still do what have i said.. because there is no turning back when we did something.. except that we can rebuilt it or make a correction of it.. after read and think deeply..
just make it like it never happen.. but if you really want it, wait till 3 years after (nov 2017) we end our study, if at that time, im available.. like i said b4, just come to my house.. if not, maybe that is our destiny not to be together..
just i hope.. make thing as usual.. like we never fight even once.. but.. i still walk my talk... -no more ****- you know sorry..we just.. friends.. for the time being kayh..
im so hurt with what happen... thats y we are like this now..

p/s: and thanks 4 being my loyal reader...

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