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Thursday, March 10, 2011


today i'll start my holiday till next next saturday...huhu
what will i do then?? hurmmm..
still got nothing to do except teahing tuition tomorrow and the next day..
need to replace my class for last week because i cant go back home last week..
never mind.. its my responsibility rite??
and the next week, i'll attend myself to school, will be facing the students and teachers for about 5 days..huhu
and need to finish all the tasks given to me... hurmmm
im too lazy about it...

talking about the task..
its totally make me exhausted..
i havent sleep early for 3 days because of it..
and yesterday i even dont have a single minute of sleep in the evening like i used to be..
its totally disturbing.. and now im having headache.. dun like this...

and because of the task, i am walking in and out of library finding the material for reference..

and now im alone in my room, typing this entry..
the hostel is getting silent and silent then..
because everybody is running themselves home..hahaha
and y i am still stood here??
because maybe im going back tonight or tomorrow morning with miss as
but i already send away half of my things home to my father just 2 hours ago..
what a tranquillity being alone in this room, doing whatever i want in a silent mode..huhu

feeling my stress is getting calmer..
and my blood temperature colder..

and as usual guys, i am not updating this blog till i finished my holiday maybe around 27 march..
2 weeks from now kayh...
pray for my PBS kayh..

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