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Saturday, March 05, 2011

alone or lonely

people says :
it just a matter of time

i says :
but when?

people says :
everything happened have something lies behind it

i says :
but what?

people says :
we couldn't change our fate

i say :
but why?

people says :
sometimes problems make u stared back at yourself

i says : but what?

all those thought always make me thinking..
of about.. what is life actually..
when u want something, its not ur fate to have it all..
when u regret something, its not ur fate to make it back like before..
life.. what is life actually..
its make me thinking non-stop days and nights..
everyone have their own words for what is life..
and for me.. these are my words..

"life is something that you can never turn back when you've move your step on.. taking too much time on something make your life shorter.. but, assuring the right decision will make your life beautiful as the blossoming flower.. regretting it couldn't been a way better than trying to make it better.. live life willingly with your dream coming true not dreaming of something that'll never come true.. but sometimes, dreaming of something that we'll never have make you be a better person.."

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