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Sunday, February 27, 2011


waa.. so long i didn't post entry in english rite..
seems like my mood come again..haha..
please help yourselves to read my broken english language typing..

kayh.. among all the matter that matter to me now is water..
haiyyaa.. it becoming a very hot issue here..
actually, i heard about the problem since last wednesday...
but i thought its solved already..
but yesterday when i reach my institute..
precisely my hostel..
i see people walking in and out with a pail in the hands..
and then quickly a question rise up "is the water there, isn't it??"

hurrmm... then when i reached my room,
all question answered..
no water since friday..
haiyyaa... how i wanna get bath..
last night i waited for the water to fill in my pail till 1 a.m..
so sleepy.. and i woke up 6 a.m.. wow.. so early..
usually i wake up at 6.15...or 6.30..
and now, its still b4 7 and i am full dressed..hoho...

its really precious... no water, human die.. 

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