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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

planned is cancelled, unplanned is gone

hurmmm.. recently, people always talks about it..
what?? just guessing it with ur own thought..
im not saying it.. coz it does stab my heart either it's in or not..
it's hard to live life..
when we've got oceans of problems..
in any circumstances, sometimes obey nor disobey is just a situation..
then its gone..
sometimes. we dont even think about it.. nor sometimes those thought did help us..
just the self..
sometimes.. felt kinda slaves for own self..
but sometimes.. its the best that we could do to face pain..
its just.. A life cant understood B life or C life..
neither understood nor felt it..
its just.. everyone living differ life where sometimes got spot in it that connect it with other's life..
although maybe we said..
it's from same living together..
but dont forget..
it's from differ perspective, sight, doubt and question... even the answer..
example, in a class, the teacher would ask, what is life?? and there would come up more than 20 answers out of 20 students.. because its differs.. in everythings..

so, if i say i couldn't, so i couldn't..
and if u wanna explanation,
just read this..
because sometimes..
its better we dont know the exact reason for it,
because its useless by knew it but not understood it..

~especially for my friends that sometimes without i realized, i'm disappointing u for not giving what u wishes from me..its just.. hard for me to explain it.. better silent than sickened u..~


ijatnuar87 said...

walla...entri yg penuh bermakna...kena baca 3 kali baru la paham...heheheh

Anonymous said...

Great! Many thanks for this particular article! It absolutely was invaluable.

Anonymous said...

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QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

to senyor : nasib baik faham..haha... haa... selamat mengajo.. dapat tang mane cikgu ijat??

ijatnuar87 said...

hehehhe..tak tau lagi la...kena g sana dlu baru la tau skolah maner...

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