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Sunday, February 06, 2011

new generation of cow

as u all know..
human do have mind..
they are able to think what is bad or good for themselves..
and as u all know,
animals just do have brain but they cant think like us..
but here i wanna show something to you that animals may sometimes thinks..hahah..

this pic was taken by my frenz while we were on the way to the ipg last semester holiday..
and if u realize and could see,
actually this pic was taken in a raining day..
and could u see, the cow are grouping under the bus stand preventing themselves from wet by the rain..
isn't it a clever action??
 me myself would do that..hahhaah

p/s: sleep tight kayh..haha


Anonymous said...

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princess laila said...

huhu. amboyy..
mentang2 dy cikgu sain..
heh2~ btol lah tuh, even lmbu2 tuh xd otak,tp still can dcide somthng usefull rite.. ^_^

CiK AiFa.. said...

laila: rite2... betul3..heheh

Anonymous said...

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