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Friday, February 04, 2011

a hot and exhausted holiday..

reach home by 4p.m..
sleep helplessly on the bed..
urghh... migraine..
thinking on going to the hospital..
but still till today dunt go..haha..
not my fault kayh..
friday saturday no branch open,
sunday monday tuesday my dad went to school..
wednesday, my dad went to perak and terengganu picked up my sis..
tuesday, my dad prepared for the coming wedding of my mom's cousin tonight..
so today, he'd already reached kangar..

went to the market, searching for wallpaper stickers but none of them is sell..

forgot maa..

forgot maa..

forgot maa

but i thinks all those days starving for a normal life..

just and only can start beading for a while..
but then, migraine again..

went to the town searching for new bead because the black one i used didn't suit the color of the satin,
so, open it again, and do it all over for both hands..

a big day today.. haha..
this morning 8.30 till 10.30, i am teaching the year 5 and 6 students mathematics and science subjects at the tuition center..
haha.. actually i am just replacing my father for both period cause he is gone to kangar, perlis.. 
at first, thinking on take a ride with him and stop at kedah, and wanna go to penang.. haha.. slut..huhu
then, impossible maa..
okay.. days just went okay until i got this call just this afternoon after i've gone home,
hahahaha.. what a funny think on me happening rite now..
tomorrow i'll start teaching those pmr candidate for science subject..
okayh.. nevermind.. because my option is science..
so, i'll try my best to help them score in their coming exam..
and instead, helping the one that request me because seem's like he's in problem searching for science teacher..
and my contract is until the end of the year..
could i make it?? 
only Allah's know..
maybe this will make me feel more to behave teacher on the future... hahha
well done miss aini..
so, i've got new company for my side's income instead of embroidery.. 

wow..  so buzy maa with life..
hope i could manage it with my study..
the most important from all is study...
although i'm not kinda into it..hahah..
pray for me guys..!!

tomorrow is saturday
going back to ipg where my life changed..
wanna finish all the things that i need to solve right away i'm there..
hope dad will safe-reach here..
and my cousin will send me back...
thanks to him..

p/s: miss my dolphin...muuuaahhhhxx..!!

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