LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Saturday, February 05, 2011

done but does it satisfied others??

done teaching all the the tuition participants this morning..
for the first moment, it was like everyone was stunning like a puppet..
one word i said, one words they answered or acted..
but after few minutes then,
was able to make the surrounding hotter..
hope they understood all what i've taught..
afraid that they didn't even manage to catch up what i said..
because the basic is very important for their future studies..

and sncerely..
i myself was quite stunning also..haha..
1st time beb..

p/s: speak out loud what u didn't understood kayh??


nub said...

insyaALLAH.. hehe

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

thanks nub.. =)

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