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Thursday, January 20, 2011


just this morning while got so busy with bored, so took a paper, then write anything threw out from my mind.. and then, here it is, lies down there to be read.. and do leave comment kayh.. 
as u all know, i love poetry so much, and i love arts so much, so poetry is arts also for me, a very beautiful arts that not everyone manage to be a poet.. maybe im not so glad to learn poetry deeper because i withdrew from cfsiium almost 1 and half years ago, but this is one of the most my passion (english).. so as poetry.. okay.. no more talks.. read it.. ~~~..


my heart just dying
craving for eternal bliss
hidden in the darkness
a world of eternity

shine as the killer
the creature also

yet no one spoken it
neither dare nor want
neither face it nor request it
but i'm passionating it

if it's my fate
yippy yippy always
fortunately one sure thing
its dream forever..

1 comment:

ijatnuar87 said...

i do love vampire,mystery creature,hidding behind the darkness of the human itself...

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