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Saturday, January 08, 2011


who? when? why me?? yaa... what?? feeling so distressed.. last thursday.. went back home.. and just now, safely back in here.. but.. yea.. there is a but... when i reached the guard post, stopped there, searched for my matric card.. n then it cant be found in the middle of nowhere... hate it hate it... samdol manela yg amik matric card aku nieyh.. kalo salah amik pown, xley ke cek dulu name sape kat card tuh,.. nie yg aku nk sumpah seranah orang niey.. dah lama dah xbuat mcm tue haaa... sakitnya hati aku rasa...

my matric card..

the one yg hilang tuh sejibik same mcm nie haa.. cuma die ada mcm holder sket baru biru muda mcm kad tuh... besar2 nama aku kat citue leyh gak die amik..budus towl..

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