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Saturday, January 22, 2011

a precious weekend..l

this weekend is truly meant to me
as it taught me how to be a hardworking person
taught me how hard is to find money to live life...
taught me how much harder i need to work
taught me how i must have the feels of sympathy and determination in myself..
it make me remind of my own blood lines..
and everything..
the joy, the hard, the bad and good scent and the beautiful of nature..

kayh.. blood lines??
what to do with it?? 
as i have 2 blood lines, 1 my father's side and 1 my mother's side..
from my father's lines,
they used to be in business, being a new comer (indonesian + chinese) , sewing, cooking, selling ketupat,  boutiques, etc
from my mother's lines,
they used to be tailor, fisherman, rubber tapping and so on...

okay.. i know how to sew or being a tailor
i know how to net the fish
and i am running business now
i know how to cook...
i know how to make ketupat..
even i taught my aunt to do the same when she wanna learn it..heheh
and today, this was what i did.. 
maybe not much but its so helpful and meaningful..
discovering my blood lines..
and feeling it..

and it did make my hand smelly..
but today was amazing..
busily picking all the rubber until i didn't even realize its already noon...
giving the thumbs up to myself..
and instead of it, feel so sory to my grands becoz i cant help both of you everyday..
because im need to be at hostel..
you should just rest at home..=)

and now, wanna sleep early..
so tired huh.. and my asthma come again..

p/s: laila, jubah da nak siap, kalo xahad, isnin or selasa ye..hehe..sory lmbat..


zulaikha zulkifli said...

cik aifa,,rajin sgt,,salute..


ijatnuar87 said... besh knpa xletak gmbr menoreh tu,hehehe...

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

ika: thanks.. bukan selalu pown..heheh
senyor: nk letak cmane, hp xdek kamera, ktggalan zaman, ciplak la dulu..huhu

Anonymous said...

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