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Monday, January 17, 2011


Okayh... since last week wanna talk about this but not having a chance to write in this blog..
this is just how i define and opinion on my own perspective..

first, i wanna introduce myself as a science student who have learned science in English language since i am one of the 2nd year students batch of PPSMI.. and i learnt it since form 1 and until now i'm furthering my study in a teacher's trainee institute somewhere in malaysia.. doing bachelor of science education..

now, i am wondering about why we, students of an institute also involved in PPSMI issues.. this is because we are doing DEGREE in science, and now the KPM sent in a memo said 'all science and mathematics students need to learn their subject in malay and translated it all into malay'.. i am wondering why we are also involved in it?? just because we are teacher's trainee?? and soon will teach at school in malay language.. i dont see it as a problem for us.. this changes is really make me feel like a victim of an education system development.. why i said like this?? this is because its hard for us to translated it all in malay because we already learnt it and understand it in english, plus all the reference for science subject for degree is in english, and even all science students in malaysia studying it in english.. it doesnt show that we dont understand it at all.. 
imagine that we never learn it in Malay, and then we need to translate all what we learnt into Malay and using an English reference and translated it into Malay, and we need to write and use all science terms in Malay and change our mind to a Malay translator.. we need to translate all of that, something that we already understand, into Malay and being an English-Malay translator just to save a record to pass our degree successfully.. its like giving burden to us.. why we are degree trainee-teacher also involved in PPSMI..  its really weird though it happening now in all teacher's trainee institute..
without no reference provided, no course outline in Malay, we need to translate it all and confusing ourselves with both languages that we already understand it.. when we are learning it in Malay, we need to convert all science terms straight away into Malay, then its feel like im learning new thing of thing that i already knew that i should only strengthen and add the information about it.. and we need to struggle up making ourselves compatible with the terms in Malay.. just because of translating..hmmm.. is education will success like this??
for me, and my opinion, why dont you apply it to the coming batch that still studying in school to have this kind of learning, they are already learn it in Malay so it wont have to trouble them.. just let our 'science learning n English' batch finish up our study fisrt.. why cant do that?? feeling so disappointed with this.. its questioning my mind on does other degree student who learnt science and mathematics except for teacher's trainee institute need to learn it in malay also?? and where is our honor as an institute and produce degree graduate or undergraduate??
 for me, it all corrupted to corrupt all student thinking because they are the future leader..

just examples on TERMS between malay and science:

integration = pengamiran
maltose = maltosa
disaccharides = disakarida
burette = buret
monocotyledon = monokotil
lots of others that need to be translated..

this is just my opinion on it..  so, if anyone think that this have touch sensitive issues, I apology for all my mistake..
feel free to comment.. everyone's have the right to speak up..!!

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