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Saturday, January 01, 2011

new semester

Alhamdulillah.. i may proceed to new semester.. I almost fail in my last semester of foundation exam (3rd sem) coz i just got c+ for my 2nd paper.. thankfully to Allah... Among the girls in my class, i got the lowest pointer.. no need to know kayh.. feeling quite humble with them.. but im so thankful becoz my pointer is better than last semester.. so, no depress feeling..huhu

1st day in campus, 
it was very quiet here.. just the wind sometimes blowing so hard.. then at night, it was raining heavily until this afternoon... sleep with my dear saerah coz we are the only people in this level.. thought maybe 2 or 3 more person up there at second level.. muahaha.. plus the toilet lamp just one is working.. so dark in there..huhu.. im not saying im afraid kayh..just too quiet..muahaha

2nd day in campus,
this campus come to life lit bit after bit when students from key L and other far places arrived here after taking hours bus trip.. then some of the students who live near here come in the evening including my roommate.. now i can hear people talking outside my room instead of the wind blowing.. maybe it'll rain toninght..huhu..

p/s: feeling so cold in here..n where is my toothpaste?? i remember i left it here but i cant find it in the middle of nowhere...hurm..

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