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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cik aifa really need hospital and medicine..

hurrmmm.. so happy yesterday coz got no mgraine for a day.. 
but its just a day.. then today, when i started to use my mind, for the presentation and so on and on,
now its back..hurmm..
thinking on going to hosptal once the holiday start tomorrow..
i got 9 days for holiday...
so thankful to aida coz last night she and nida came here giving her satin kurung to be beads.. so glad of it..
so, no need to worry of being bored at home while holiday..huhu

and one great news.. but its kinda a worry to for me.. what?
actually its allowance.. many said it'll in next week or after chinese new year..
so thankful if it yes but still dunno whether its monthly or per semester..
love monthly more than per semester..
but, the hope is 10% only..hahah..
thinking on how to manage the allowance..
need to self reminding every sgle second on saving until got the new allowance next semester..
so much things to buy..
shoes, tshirt, febreeze, my cream, sandal, silk for raya.. ahahah..
over maaa.. of cos because need to prepare it early because wanna bead it then..
afraid of being buzy with the order and assignment maa..hoho..
its so buzy being a businesswoman..hoho..
hahaha.. InsyaAllah one day, i'll open a boutique named "AIFA BOUTIQUE ENTERPRISE".. 
hoho.. longing for it.. one day.. gonna get it..
beside my other side of wishes..hoho..

haaa.. talking bout wishes, this are what cik aifa wanna do, my wishlist for 2011..
hope i can achieve it all..

a driver's licence (dream of it since last 2 year)
a sandal
a pair of black shoes
1 jubah
2 blause
5 tshirt (only 5 per year..hahah)
2 jeans
my safi balqis's set
10 baju kurung for kuliah
new sarung kaki and handsocks..
buy a racks for my room
a secret recipe's cake for my classmates and family for my birthdays..
wanna a huge teddy bear
new tdg bawal (i dunt wear ala-ala ariani tdg kayh, but love to beads it)
better and more creative design for my beading business
rm1000 capital for my bead's material.. hoho.. so much.. but remember, the material is not cheap kayh..
being polite
talk less action more
cooks italian food (pasta, lasagna, etc)
sew my own baju kurung..
an album of my beads work collection
at least every week updating entry of this blog
hardworking not lazy bitch
communicate better with people
great self-confidence
100% commitment in study
less mad on someone
controls emotion and madness
diet (aiming 51 kg)
cik aifa is a cerewet person in some aspect
loyal to the one
great exam result

think that's all..
but this wishlist will be updated again..haha
2011 wishlist..

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iszieylyanziy said...

betolkah perkhabaran elaun tuh?hahaha,ayat nak skma

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