LaLaLa GrEEtiNG..

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


hmmm.. am i busy??
with what??
class? foods? holiday? sleep?
all nope..haha..
the class will start tomorrow.. 
tomorrow.. tomorrow.. tomorrow.. lalalalala...
just got a very pack schedule..
the class will start at 8.a.m till 4.30 p.m.. 
whoaa.. couldn't imagine how would i survive in the class..
esp for sc period.. after recess till evening.. hurrmmm..
can i just skip the class??
nope?? huarghhh.. so stresss..huhu..
never mind..
be glad.. i am a student..
i want to be a good student..
rite? rite?

ok.. just now after tutor session with my classmates..
went out in front ipg...
ate some foods.. (my dinner kayh - saving budget maa..)
then got back to the room in a raining weather.. hurmm... 
got wet somehow.. 
hate it..

since then, facing this lappy till now
surveying the beading material's price..
need to buy the new stock..
in a quite vary color and type..
but in small budget..
due to the late coming allowance (InsyaAllah in March-hopefully)
so, need to think of my budget for surviving here
3 month without allowance..
haiyaa.. dun wanna burden my daddy..
and i need it a.s.a.p
because there already cloth to bead
but got no bead to bead in.. hurmmmm...
need to minimize my spend for just and only about rm65 only...


ijatnuar87 said... sikit jek tu...dah nak msuk ijazah kan...skjap jek sumer tu,heheh

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

haha.. bz dgn mende lain..huhu

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