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Monday, January 10, 2011


first and foremost..


my lappy keypad is broken.
because of my cat sit on it and scratch it.. 
its so hard to tap on 'i' letter.. waaaa....
feeling so hungry now, mad on myself because just now my roommate had ask me whether wanna eat or nope, and so fully stupid because i replied "nope. not hungry.."
think on so much ISL to do?? haha.. (need to ups my motivation)
easy to get angry recently, if someone do mistake to me, my mouth straight away #$@#$%^&^%$##$%..
feeling wanna slap someone.. 
easy to have grudge to someone that have business with me..hmmm.. 
once he/she do it for me, a life time i'll remember..
still unfinished decorate my room.. waiting for the wrapping paper..


my matrix card already found in the basket at the post guard.. its totally bullshit took my card and dint ask me forgiveness.. never will give..
printed all the module from En.Azman (for certain week only)


love today's class..
feeling so relax with it..
just 3 period, then all free..haha..
dats what i want.. (pemalas..)

this evening, the bead's seller replied my sms.. aiyaa.. 
feeling wanna cancel the order actually but i need all those material now..
but thinking on not enough money to live for this week make me urrgghhhh.. hate it..
dear allowance.. please3.. hurry up..
but still unconfirmed, if yes, need to deposit the money in her acc..

i need to learn how to manage my money.. 
and need to saving...
because  keep remembering myself to spend just lower than rm10.. 
but finally i couldn't.. it must excess it.. hurrmmm..
sth wrong with me...
my self mistake..

hope i really could get the wrapping paper tomorrow..
because no longer can wait to finish decorating my room..
feeling wanna go home this weekend but cannot.. hurmmm.. 

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