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Thursday, January 27, 2011


korang suka pakai jubah x??
cik aifa suka sgt tau pakai jubah..
stakat nieyh, cik aifa cuma ada 4 jubah je
tp yg salu cik aifa pakai satu je... jubah nie haaaa....

cik aifa nk beli jubah lg... jubah kaftan lgla... lawaaa......
suke suke sukee.....

contohnya mcm nie haa...
cik aifa jumpa sume nieyh dalam yahoo search..
nnt nk blila satu yg macam nie...
hahah.. demanding....

lawa kan? lawa kan? ahaha

cik aifa celebrate chinese new year!!

should cik aifa celebrate this??
nevermind.. i'm half malay...hoho.. live in malay community since i was child..
but, so happy seeing others (chinese) celebrate chinese new year happily...
may they got what their wishes..

because of today cik aifa gonna start my holiday for 1 week (9 days)
so, here first and foremost, 
cik aifa wanna wish to everyone esp chinese :

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

cik aifa birth's month is jun

so, what lies behind jun's person??huhu
not all are rite but most all are good...

nampak x?? nampak x??
sape xnampak.. mesti dia rabun..hahahha
kalo xleyh bace, klik je kat pic tueh untuk dienlarge kan..hoho..

banyak gak yg betul tuh..haha...
mostly byk yg kena dgn cik aifa mcm

suka berkemas
kurg pamer perasaan (xsuke senyum2 n pendiam sebenarnya.. nk hepy pown susah.. haha)
degil? agakla..
pandai pamer skap? ye kot.. sebenarnya mcm kalo org tue mcm frendly je, so cik aifa byk ckpla jugak dgn die, kalo x, serius cik aifa staring je..haha
berfikiran jauh.. yup2.. mmg pun.. nk jd bisnezwoman berjaya n ubah nasb keluarga..
lmah lembut?? haaa... yg nie konfius sbb depend pd orgla, kalo org tuh start talking dgn cik aifa guna 'sy' ke nama ke, so mcm tue jgkla cik aifa..haha terok an?
idea byk?? agakla.. idea mengarut..
suka berfikir.. sgt2... tp habit agak yg tdk bape baik jugakla sbb kdg2 time lecture, cik aifa sibuk dok pikir design untuk beading..haha...
suka menangguh2 kerja.. memang pown.. kalo rjn tue msti sbb mood rajin..haha
suka berdebat?? mestiiii.. kalo org berckp, mesti ada je yg cik aifa nk bangkang xpun menambah..haha... kuar modal 1, then berlambak cte kua..haha.. tp masalahla skang.. ckp byk sket msti asthma dtg..hurmmm...
mudah berkawan?? agakla tp xreti nk treat kawan cmane.. kdg2 tkut terlebey, tkut die kecik ati lak..hurmm..
mmg mudah berkecil hati.. tp skojap je.. pastuh cik aifa fikir balik dr perspektif berbeza.. then okla pastuh..huhu
brg jenama?? suka sgt.. tp maklumla.. kena tahan diri.. berjimatla katakan.. maklumla.. cik aifa nie bukan dr keluarga yg sng.. adik2 ada 7 org.. bla nk beli pape, msti pk dorg dulu haa..
lmbat sembuh bla terluka.. yup2.. smpai skang sdey ag.. tp tu semua ujian Allah.. kna terima dgn hati yg redha dan terbuka..
mudah berubah skp, idea, dan mood.. ha'a.. sbb byk faktor mempengaruhi..haha..
cpt mrh cpt sejuk.. tu zaman dulu2la.. zaman menengah rendah.. pastuh masuk hostel, blaja kawal kmarahan sbb cik aifa nie panas baran.. kalo nk pape ke nk ckp pape, ckp sampai 3 kali je, kalo lebey naseb baikla sape yg nk kena jerkah tue.. tryla..hahaha.. sbb 2 adik2 cik aifa takut dgn cik aifa.. maybe sbb anak sulungkan.. tegas sket.. huhu.. plus skang nieyh kan, cik aifa perasan yg cik aifa ada satu penyakit geram bila tgh mrh.. cth kata time tue cik aifa kata nk cubit kalo xdgr ckp, betul2 cik aifa cubit pastuh....byk2 pulak tuh.. pastuh mulala taruk ubat,kesian... jd, elakkanla..haha..

takat tue kot pasal diri cik aifa..haha

cik aifa really need hospital and medicine..

hurrmmm.. so happy yesterday coz got no mgraine for a day.. 
but its just a day.. then today, when i started to use my mind, for the presentation and so on and on,
now its back..hurmm..
thinking on going to hosptal once the holiday start tomorrow..
i got 9 days for holiday...
so thankful to aida coz last night she and nida came here giving her satin kurung to be beads.. so glad of it..
so, no need to worry of being bored at home while holiday..huhu

and one great news.. but its kinda a worry to for me.. what?
actually its allowance.. many said it'll in next week or after chinese new year..
so thankful if it yes but still dunno whether its monthly or per semester..
love monthly more than per semester..
but, the hope is 10% only..hahah..
thinking on how to manage the allowance..
need to self reminding every sgle second on saving until got the new allowance next semester..
so much things to buy..
shoes, tshirt, febreeze, my cream, sandal, silk for raya.. ahahah..
over maaa.. of cos because need to prepare it early because wanna bead it then..
afraid of being buzy with the order and assignment maa..hoho..
its so buzy being a businesswoman..hoho..
hahaha.. InsyaAllah one day, i'll open a boutique named "AIFA BOUTIQUE ENTERPRISE".. 
hoho.. longing for it.. one day.. gonna get it..
beside my other side of wishes..hoho..

haaa.. talking bout wishes, this are what cik aifa wanna do, my wishlist for 2011..
hope i can achieve it all..

a driver's licence (dream of it since last 2 year)
a sandal
a pair of black shoes
1 jubah
2 blause
5 tshirt (only 5 per year..hahah)
2 jeans
my safi balqis's set
10 baju kurung for kuliah
new sarung kaki and handsocks..
buy a racks for my room
a secret recipe's cake for my classmates and family for my birthdays..
wanna a huge teddy bear
new tdg bawal (i dunt wear ala-ala ariani tdg kayh, but love to beads it)
better and more creative design for my beading business
rm1000 capital for my bead's material.. hoho.. so much.. but remember, the material is not cheap kayh..
being polite
talk less action more
cooks italian food (pasta, lasagna, etc)
sew my own baju kurung..
an album of my beads work collection
at least every week updating entry of this blog
hardworking not lazy bitch
communicate better with people
great self-confidence
100% commitment in study
less mad on someone
controls emotion and madness
diet (aiming 51 kg)
cik aifa is a cerewet person in some aspect
loyal to the one
great exam result

think that's all..
but this wishlist will be updated again..haha
2011 wishlist..


nitezzz alllllllllllllllllllllllll

Monday, January 24, 2011


okayh.. tetibe rase gedix nk tukar nickname.. kayh..
i got too many nickname.. 
becoz my actual name is so long.. not too long but longg laaa...hahah

actual name
siti qurratul aini ulfa

kak long

that is my family's or neighbour's..

next nickname
ai/eye (LIKE DIS)
qurratul aini
aini ulfa
aifa (LIKE DIS)
cik aifa (LIKE DIS)

now, i'm gonna use my nickname 'CIK AIFA' for my major use... heheh..dat's all..

so, tonight entry

so, che aifa just finished dinner for esc club.. 
what's that??
ehhmmm.. excellence sifoo club..
is it excellent??
we'll see it in the future..

today's mgraine still go on and on..
just it's better today..
although it's continuously coming in..
then, finished class, ate lunch, sleep!! 
from 2.30 till 7.. hoho.. quite long huh..
then, it's better.. feeling better.. my atshma gone..
but still need to aware of it..
cant talk to0 much..
cant move too much..
being 24/7 in the room..

just washed my clothes..
nearly a week dont wash them..
and just now washed it using washing machine becoz got no strength to wash them by hands..
becoz usually i wash my clothes everyday after my class end at noon..
always using the gap from 1.30 till 2.30 p.m at noon to wash clothes and take bath..huhu
i bathe 3 times per day.. and even more..hahah..
but not this n last week..
almost 2 weeks sick
with those fever, flu, cough, asthma n migraine..
one package in a time..huh..
but thanks.. it better now..

00.00 am in the morning, 
blanketing myself with comforter..
with pillows 1 at foot, 3 at my left side, 1 at right site, 1 on my chest, 2 under my head..heheh...


today was so uncomfortable..
i dont know why...
i almost fell on the floor in the class today's afternoon
becoz suddenly felt like a needle is pointing my brain hardly..
it was so sick..
and after that, my head keep having headache..
second after second..
when i told zul, ezzah and others..
they said it is migraine..
but y is it??/
because i didnt stress at all today..
and till now, still feel so sick in my head..
feeling like it wanna blow out..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a precious weekend..l

this weekend is truly meant to me
as it taught me how to be a hardworking person
taught me how hard is to find money to live life...
taught me how much harder i need to work
taught me how i must have the feels of sympathy and determination in myself..
it make me remind of my own blood lines..
and everything..
the joy, the hard, the bad and good scent and the beautiful of nature..

kayh.. blood lines??
what to do with it?? 
as i have 2 blood lines, 1 my father's side and 1 my mother's side..
from my father's lines,
they used to be in business, being a new comer (indonesian + chinese) , sewing, cooking, selling ketupat,  boutiques, etc
from my mother's lines,
they used to be tailor, fisherman, rubber tapping and so on...

okay.. i know how to sew or being a tailor
i know how to net the fish
and i am running business now
i know how to cook...
i know how to make ketupat..
even i taught my aunt to do the same when she wanna learn it..heheh
and today, this was what i did.. 
maybe not much but its so helpful and meaningful..
discovering my blood lines..
and feeling it..

and it did make my hand smelly..
but today was amazing..
busily picking all the rubber until i didn't even realize its already noon...
giving the thumbs up to myself..
and instead of it, feel so sory to my grands becoz i cant help both of you everyday..
because im need to be at hostel..
you should just rest at home..=)

and now, wanna sleep early..
so tired huh.. and my asthma come again..

p/s: laila, jubah da nak siap, kalo xahad, isnin or selasa ye..hehe..sory lmbat..

Thursday, January 20, 2011


just this morning while got so busy with bored, so took a paper, then write anything threw out from my mind.. and then, here it is, lies down there to be read.. and do leave comment kayh.. 
as u all know, i love poetry so much, and i love arts so much, so poetry is arts also for me, a very beautiful arts that not everyone manage to be a poet.. maybe im not so glad to learn poetry deeper because i withdrew from cfsiium almost 1 and half years ago, but this is one of the most my passion (english).. so as poetry.. okay.. no more talks.. read it.. ~~~..


my heart just dying
craving for eternal bliss
hidden in the darkness
a world of eternity

shine as the killer
the creature also

yet no one spoken it
neither dare nor want
neither face it nor request it
but i'm passionating it

if it's my fate
yippy yippy always
fortunately one sure thing
its dream forever..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a lazy day

seriously.. today is a very lazy day...
my brain is so tired..
the schedule is full since morning..
lecturers keep going in and out
and we are all keep down and up..huhu
done the food test for our weekly experiment..
worked out with 5 other partners
its so Fun.. yeaahhhhh

then, finished class,  ate lunch and now typing here.. 
thinking on wanna take some sleep.. 
but need to bead..huhu

for saying outloud,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


feeling better instead of the ignorance headache..
feeling so free now in the head..
just got better from fever + cold + flu + asthma..
yippy yay yay.. Alhamdulillah.. thank you Allah...
feeling energetic..
wanna do some ISL and then continue my beading after having a bit of long rest
waiting for all the materials reached me..
and one more box on its way.. come to mama dear...huhu
feeling so glad with everything revolved in this new year..
although little bit tougher than before,
but facing it whole-heartedly is better..
like my lecturer's word before " better late than never "..
love the sentence so much.. 
its such kinda a joy coming and absorbed inside my body..
kayh.. need to rush now, becoz 12 is my bedtime..huhu..
need to get up early tomorrow morning or else everything will gone messy..

Monday, January 17, 2011

sakit lupa

xtau la cmane tp entahla... mungkin skt demi skt Allah tarik nikmat yg diberiNya pdku.. 
mula2 penglihatan yg makin hari makin kabur, pastu kesihatan yang makin hari makin merosot, dan skrg satu nikmat lg ditarik iaitu nikmat ingatan..
betapa aku nie seorang umat Islam yang xbersyukur kan..
time aku angin nk mengaji aku mengaji hari2.. kalo x, sekalo sehari pun jadilah..hehe
kayh.. tue saje je mukaddimah aku mlm nie..
last entry before tido taw..

okeh, hjung sem 2 means tgh thn tahun lepas,
aku tggl extension aku tp bila dtg awal sem 3, aku lupa aku letak mane..
bila hjg sem 3, aku tggl ubat gg aku n berus kain aku, 
bila dtg awal sem 1 nie pulak, aku malahan xingat langsung kat mana aku letak dan dlm ape aku letak..
so terrible hidup aku.... sedeynya.. knp aku jd mcm nie..

adakah ini tanda2 barah otak, atau alzheimer atau kelalaian diri aku sendiri..??
pening sudah.. 
pulak tuh lpas tue, aku dah mintak ezzah tlg print untk aku jadual kelas online,
then buatnya aku xingat lgsung, mlm tuh aku salin jadual online tue dlm kertas..
bila pg menjelma, tetbe ezzah bg aku hard copy jadual tuh, then aku tny free ke untuk aku, baiknya kau..
bila dia jawab, "laaa... kan kau yg mintak semalam??ish3.. tupun lupa ke?"
lepas tuh barulah aku ingat..
dan mcm2 lagi peristiwa yg berlaku lepas tue yg melibatkan aku dgn kes ni...

Ya Allah.. mohon aku hambamu sentiasa mendapat keredhaanMu..


Okayh... since last week wanna talk about this but not having a chance to write in this blog..
this is just how i define and opinion on my own perspective..

first, i wanna introduce myself as a science student who have learned science in English language since i am one of the 2nd year students batch of PPSMI.. and i learnt it since form 1 and until now i'm furthering my study in a teacher's trainee institute somewhere in malaysia.. doing bachelor of science education..

now, i am wondering about why we, students of an institute also involved in PPSMI issues.. this is because we are doing DEGREE in science, and now the KPM sent in a memo said 'all science and mathematics students need to learn their subject in malay and translated it all into malay'.. i am wondering why we are also involved in it?? just because we are teacher's trainee?? and soon will teach at school in malay language.. i dont see it as a problem for us.. this changes is really make me feel like a victim of an education system development.. why i said like this?? this is because its hard for us to translated it all in malay because we already learnt it and understand it in english, plus all the reference for science subject for degree is in english, and even all science students in malaysia studying it in english.. it doesnt show that we dont understand it at all.. 
imagine that we never learn it in Malay, and then we need to translate all what we learnt into Malay and using an English reference and translated it into Malay, and we need to write and use all science terms in Malay and change our mind to a Malay translator.. we need to translate all of that, something that we already understand, into Malay and being an English-Malay translator just to save a record to pass our degree successfully.. its like giving burden to us.. why we are degree trainee-teacher also involved in PPSMI..  its really weird though it happening now in all teacher's trainee institute..
without no reference provided, no course outline in Malay, we need to translate it all and confusing ourselves with both languages that we already understand it.. when we are learning it in Malay, we need to convert all science terms straight away into Malay, then its feel like im learning new thing of thing that i already knew that i should only strengthen and add the information about it.. and we need to struggle up making ourselves compatible with the terms in Malay.. just because of translating..hmmm.. is education will success like this??
for me, and my opinion, why dont you apply it to the coming batch that still studying in school to have this kind of learning, they are already learn it in Malay so it wont have to trouble them.. just let our 'science learning n English' batch finish up our study fisrt.. why cant do that?? feeling so disappointed with this.. its questioning my mind on does other degree student who learnt science and mathematics except for teacher's trainee institute need to learn it in malay also?? and where is our honor as an institute and produce degree graduate or undergraduate??
 for me, it all corrupted to corrupt all student thinking because they are the future leader..

just examples on TERMS between malay and science:

integration = pengamiran
maltose = maltosa
disaccharides = disakarida
burette = buret
monocotyledon = monokotil
lots of others that need to be translated..

this is just my opinion on it..  so, if anyone think that this have touch sensitive issues, I apology for all my mistake..
feel free to comment.. everyone's have the right to speak up..!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

still sick

nearly 3 days being like this..
yesterday cant even breath so clearly because the surrounding feeling so cold but inside my body,  feel a huge flame is burning..
lost my voive for about half a day..
boli 2 jug of water, drank all of them n then thanks God feeling relieve lits bit..
and today the same happen..
feeling not so good..
cant handle breath too much when talking with my classmates..
today going home at 2 pm..
hope this weekend get better for me..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


started last night, feeling so itchy in my throat..
then today its getting worse and worse..
started to coughing this morning and now
feeling so bad.. laying on my bed..
and now i got a flu..

need rest now..
the pill i've take seems like dont gve any effects on..hurrmmmm


menjawab tag dr asmad mat ripin..hehe..tengs bg tag nieyh.. chumelll..

Tergerak pulak untuk anjurkan contest yg kedua dari mama...yang pertama dah lepas..kali ni
tak taulah dapat sambutan ke tak....harap2 dapatlahkan??

Jom ramai2 join contest ni...

Syarat-syaratnya mudah jer...mcm contest2 yg lain juga:

  1. Mesti menjadi follower mama housewife tau dan beritahu nick name yang digunakan.
  2. Tajuk entry anda mestilah -contest senyuman si cilik
  3. Letak banner di entry dan side bar anda dan jangan lupa linkkan ke blog mama housewife
  4. Post entry gambar senyuman paling comel si cilik anda...tak kisahlah gambar dalam keadaan apa pun, janji si cilik anda comel senyumannya..
  5. Akhir sekali tinggalkan komen dan link anda di entry ini SAHAJA...
Senang kan??

Hadiah : tak sure lagi tapi hadiah memang menarik dan puas hati untuk pemenang yg bertuah
Pemilihan : berdasarkan gambar si cilik yg senyumannya sangat comel..

Pesanan : rajin2 lah jenguk blog mama housewife, sebab mama akan buat pengumuman pemenang dekat blog sesiapa yang menang tak tuntut hadiah,hadiah akan diberi pada yang simpanan.

Tarikh Tutup: 12 Februari 2011




Monday, January 10, 2011



Nie syarat-syaratnya:

1. Buat entri pasal contest nie. Semestinya kan?seperti biase. tajuk macam kat atas.
2. Follow blog nie.Kalo tak, nak update macam mane kan?Kalo rajin follow blog nie sekali PrettyLensStore
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3. Copy banner kat bawah tue sekali dengan backlink.
4. Gambar contest anda. ikut tajuk tema ok? Tak kan la tajuk jelingan manja korang letak gambo tgh mkn  kan? Ikut tema k sayam-sayam.eheee
5.Gambar sendiri,i mean owner blog yg bertanding.Tak mo gambo orang lain. Tak kisah seorang or beramai-ramai.
6.Sila tag kawan2 anda tak kisah la berape orang pun. Atleast seorang.
7.Komen entri nie sekali dengan link korang.
8.Tak khususkan untuk girls aje.Boys pun boleh join.Jangan malu jangan segan.ehee

Tarikh tutup: 22 January 2011

Hadiah -hadiah untuk pemenang:

Hadiah pertama : 
1 pair Geo lens with cute lens case or 2 shawl+inner 

Hadiah kedua:
1 pair Geo lens or shawl+inner

Hadia ketiga:
shawl + inner

2 x Shawl

* yang hadiah pertama,kedua dan ketiga tue,kalo perasan ade 'or' kan?korang leh pilih nak lens or shawl.sbb maybe ade yg tak pakai lens kan?eheee
*untuk peserta lelaki ade hadiah lain yang Bulan sediakan.Nak hadiah macam kat ats pun takpe.Kot2 nak kasi aweks or wife or mak ke.eheee
*Da follow state ID follow anda skali ngan link entri contest 

KAYH.. da tgk sume dah??
kalo cmtue.. mase untuk menjawab soklan2 yg dkehendaki..huhu.. xcited nieyh.. cheq xhrp kemenangan pown sbb byk dah contest den masuk xpenah2 den mng..isk3.. okeh, now, ikut step..haha...

1. Buat entri pasal contest nie. 
- kayh.. dah buat dah..hoho.. tajuknya pun dah letak dah.. sejibik tue haa...hoho
2. Follow blog nie.Kalo tak, nak update macam mane kan?Kalo rajin follow blog nie sekali PrettyLensStore
*sebab PrettyLensStore nie main sponsor*
- dah follow dah.. lawala blog tue.. tertarik menarik hati nie haa untuk menjenguk selalu kesana..hihi

3. Copy banner kat bawah tue sekali dengan backlink.
- dah.. ada kat wall tepi tue haa.. heheh..

4. Gambar contest anda. ikut tajuk tema ok? Tak kan la tajuk jelingan manja korang letak gambo tgh mkn  kan?
- kayh, ni dia, 

5.Gambar sendiri,i mean owner blog yg bertanding.Tak mo gambo orang lain. Tak kisah seorang or beramai-ramai.
- kayh.. gmbor den la tue.. kalo xcaye, check it out.. hehe .. (klik sini) konfem samela..huhu

6.Sila tag kawan2 anda tak kisah la berape orang pun. Atleast seorang.
- sy tag, cik gda, sarah syg, munie aida, diana dll..

7.Komen entri nie sekali dengan link korang.
- mesti wat punyer..hehe

8.Tak khususkan untuk girls aje.Boys pun boleh join.Jangan malu jangan segan.ehee
- so,sesape rase bermnat, dipersilakanlah ye.. jom masyuk ramai3...


first and foremost..


my lappy keypad is broken.
because of my cat sit on it and scratch it.. 
its so hard to tap on 'i' letter.. waaaa....
feeling so hungry now, mad on myself because just now my roommate had ask me whether wanna eat or nope, and so fully stupid because i replied "nope. not hungry.."
think on so much ISL to do?? haha.. (need to ups my motivation)
easy to get angry recently, if someone do mistake to me, my mouth straight away #$@#$%^&^%$##$%..
feeling wanna slap someone.. 
easy to have grudge to someone that have business with me..hmmm.. 
once he/she do it for me, a life time i'll remember..
still unfinished decorate my room.. waiting for the wrapping paper..


my matrix card already found in the basket at the post guard.. its totally bullshit took my card and dint ask me forgiveness.. never will give..
printed all the module from En.Azman (for certain week only)


love today's class..
feeling so relax with it..
just 3 period, then all free..haha..
dats what i want.. (pemalas..)

this evening, the bead's seller replied my sms.. aiyaa.. 
feeling wanna cancel the order actually but i need all those material now..
but thinking on not enough money to live for this week make me urrgghhhh.. hate it..
dear allowance.. please3.. hurry up..
but still unconfirmed, if yes, need to deposit the money in her acc..

i need to learn how to manage my money.. 
and need to saving...
because  keep remembering myself to spend just lower than rm10.. 
but finally i couldn't.. it must excess it.. hurrmmm..
sth wrong with me...
my self mistake..

hope i really could get the wrapping paper tomorrow..
because no longer can wait to finish decorating my room..
feeling wanna go home this weekend but cannot.. hurmmm.. 

Sunday, January 09, 2011


just now opened fb.. blogger teman sejati group.. 
found a searching of blog url to be put into bloglist..

so, i've follow it.. 
i've put ur link in my new bloglist open us..
thanks 4 being the 1st in this bloglist..

so, the one is,

OKEYH.. proceed to my new bloglist, 
i've made a new bloglist, named as i'd mention up there,
so, who interested can join it..
and its limited to 50 url only..
no matter u have 2 or 3 url, dont care as long as it still not exceed 50.. okayh??
if yes, tag others (at least one person) kayh..
and just leave ur url in my coretan tinta form.. tata...


time to langsaikn hutang dr asmad;)

1st tag its about awk busuk ape ntah..jnji awk mmg busuk r..busuk y amat okey !

saper2 nak join sila klik banner diatas yek…dan seperti biasa la, mesti ader syarat2 sikit kan…berikut ialah syaratnya…

Korang hanya perlu :
1. Buat 1 entry pasal giveaway ni dengan tajuk "GiveAway EdY : Awak Busuk!"...
(letak banner giveaway pada entry dan pastikan kat entry korang ada link terus ke entry contest ini)
dah.. seap sedia menjalankan arahan yang diarah..hahah..

2. Jadi follower blog ini..
udah sih..haha.. 

3. WAJIB TAG sekurang-kurangnya seorg blogger LELAKI dan seorg blogger PEREMPUAN dan make sure dieorg tahu..
mr ayie chelsea n sarah syg..

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mase tgh taip nieyh belom ag.. da post nnt, konfem ana letak kayh..huhu

sesungguhnya bau badan sendiri itu lebih wangi 
dr bau badan yang dipenuhi dengan bau-bauan 
yang dipakai semata-mata untuk menarik perhatian orang lain.. 
jagalah bau itu biar mekar harum semerbak kasturi 
barulah ketenangan menyelubungi diri.. 

~sekian dariku~
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Saturday, January 08, 2011


haha.. as u all know.. i am totally crazy with beads.. so, here i wanna share lit bit thing bout beads that i found in the internet..

bead is a small, decorative object that is usually pierced for threading or stringing. Beads range in size from under 1 millimetre (0.039 in) to over 1 centimetre (0.39 in) in diameter. A pair of beads made from Nassarius sea snail shells, approximately 100,000 years old, are thought to be the earliest known examples of jewellery[1][2] Beadwork is the art or craft of making things with beads. Beads can be woven together with specialized thread, strung onto thread or soft, flexible wire, or adhered to a surface (e.g. fabricclay).

Beads may be divided into several types of overlapping categories, based on different criteria such as component materials, manufacturing process, place or period of origin, surface patterning, or general shape. In some cases, such as millefiori and cloisonné beads, multiple categories may overlap in an inseparably interdependent fashion.

Beads can be made of many types of materials. The earliest beads were made of convenient natural materials; when found, these could be readily drilled and shaped. As human technology became capable of obtaining or working with more difficult natural materials, those were added to the range of available substances. The same was true of new synthetic materials when created.
In modern manufacturing, the most common bead materials are wood, plasticglassmetal, andstone.

[edit]Natural materials

Beads are still made from many naturally-occurring materials, both organic (i.e., of animal- or plant-based origin) and inorganic (purely mineralorigin). However, some of these materials now routinely undergo some extra human processing beyond mere shaping and drilling, such as color enhancement via dyes or irradiation.
The natural organics include bonecoralhornivoryseeds (such as tagua nuts), animal shell, and wood. For most of human history, pearlswere the ultimate precious beads of natural origin because of their rarity, although the pearl-culturing process has now made them far more common. Amber and jet are also of natural organic origin, although both materials have undergone partial geologic fossilization.
The natural inorganics include various types of stones (from gemstones to common minerals) and metals. Of the latter, only a few precious metals occur in pure forms, but other purified base metals may as well be placed in this category along with certain naturally-occurring alloys such as electrum.

[edit]Synthetic materials

Swarovski crystal beads (6 mm–8 mm), pendant 3 cm

Fusible beads
The oldest-surviving synthetic materials used for beadmaking have generally been ceramics:pottery and glass. Beads were also made from the ancient alloys such as bronze and brass, but as those were more vulnerable to oxidation, those have generally been less well-preserved at archaeological sites.
Many different subtypes of glass are now used for beadmaking, some of which have their own component-specific names. Lead crystal beads have a high percentage of lead oxide in the glass formula, increasing the refractive index. Most of the other named glass types have their formulations and patterns inseparable from the manufacturing process.
Plastic fusible beads are also known as Perler Beads, or called "melty beads" by young children. These small colorful beads can be placed on a solid plastic-backed peg array to form designs and then melted together with a clothes iron; alternately, they can be strung into necklaces or bracelets, or woven into keychains. Fusible beads come in many colors and degrees oftransparency/opacity, including varieties that glow in the dark or have internal glitter; peg boards come in various shapes and several geometric patterns

that's all from me.. hope this entry would give you a simple and small knowledge that maybe someday you will get interest on it..hehe..

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