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Thursday, December 16, 2010


tomorrow starts my journey to KL... fuhhh.... releasing breath hardly after days cooking and cooking.. being a domestic engineer isn't an easy task anyway.. imagine doing the same routine everyday washing, cooking, etc.. eg: today gonna cook this, tomorrow gonna cook that..hmm.. thats on cooking.. on clothes? this is what i need to face as a daughter in a family.. soon maybe being a wife to a husband.. need to take care of kids and husbands, feed them, care about them etc.. really need a strong motivation and energy.. although you sick or in health, u still need to do that because its your responsibility.. you cant simply leave it just because you are lazy juz becoz usually u always being care by others.. but, when you become a mom or wife no husband would want a wife without self skill or skill that a wife should have like cooking, washing, caring, and all other aspects.. although you are tired with your works at your office, you cant simply just get back at home sleep without care about home, husband and kids.. is that a good mother??? for me its not.. maybe others opinion would differ but for me its compulsary for you when you have your own family.. its no use having a mom or wife if everyday you eat and buy foods from the restaurants.. rite?? kalo mcm tue jadi orang bujang dahla.. xpayah gatal nak kawin... kan? hahah..

p/s: sape nk komen kalo nk sindir aku atau nk bagi pendapat sendiri, sila post dalam blog anda sendiri and post link kat sini.. jangan nk ngada2 komen kat sini..

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