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Friday, November 12, 2010

yesterday and today..


went out with my hubby to kb.. played bowling at kb mall... reached there at 6 sth.. after performed maghrib prayer at the surau.. very enjoyful... love that moment.. first set, i won, but 2nd set, he wont with a very high margin.. haiyaaamaaa... so, sape kalah, belanja makan.. waaa... then, went to mydin mall.. he asked me, do need to go there, i said, i dont care i wanna be there jugak..hahah.. cruel sth..huhu then otw there, dunt found the ways should be to be there, take a lit time, but then, Alhamdulillah..finally..huhu..yippy..... walk in every side of the section.. found section for sewing tools..hahah.. love this..!! i bought 1 dozen of benang sulam.. then straight away finding garbage bag for ezzah.. the biggest size.. hahah.. can put her in there too..huhu..(wey, bila nk amik nieyh??) hak3.. then after that, tome for dinner.. 1st wanna eat at restoran kg.pek..then, cancelled.. just ate near to mydin mall.. delicious meal... nyum3.. finished eating, suddenly rain fall..very heavy rain maa.. habis basah kuyup mase nk masuk keta.. ggggrrrr.... sejukkkkk.... then, back to hostel..huhuh.. reached here.. then got into the room.. suddenly.. OMG.. i leave my purse and hp in my hubby's car.. alamak.. how i wanna take it.. i dont care the hp..but the purse.. i need to use money to go to pasar minggu kuala besut.. wanna buy some tudung for my family..hehe.. eid gft..
-a very nice this..!! thanks honey..hehe-


went out to pasar minggu kuala besut.. with my classmate.. a very big it??hahah.. depends.. everyone  memborong dengan sgt byk.. except sarah yg xpegi...katanya nk tido..hehe (jgn mara haa...) then we walked in every side of the market finding what we want.. i bought 4 ala2 ariani hijab, then one more, i thaught it hijab, but then its actually a shawl.. love the colour.. hurmmm..never mind.. just wear it la...huhu buy some stone for my beading.. then buy a new purse.. red colour..very cheap.. im okay with any unbranded or branded item.. as long it is useful for me..=) then back to bas stand still.. haha.. unfortunately and suddenly, ohh nooo.. my sandal putusla plak... quickly accompanied by kak zack finding new slipper.. in hurry, i just bought a new one but in pink colour.. feeling soooo feminine then..hak3.. then, went back on 2nd trip bus..
-although tired but satisfied with what i done..huhu..thanks frenz..-


fara said...

wah. berjalan sakan je. bestnye!

mE iS aS said...

bila mau laksanakan tag aku itu

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

fara: biasala.. saat2 akhir...hihi
as: nnt2 la.. sbb skang busy..hahah.. study grop da start.. letey wes

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