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Saturday, November 06, 2010


Finally, after think deeply.. i've make up my mind.. i make a new yahoo mail.. y?? because i wanna separate the the uses of the mail..

primary/official mail

so, this is my official mail kayh.. for this email, if someone or somebody have something to tell me or have a business with me, can contact me through this email..
-business (aifa manik)
-spot question'
-formspring (quaifaqurratul)
-youtube (aini_ulfa91)
-etc (wow.. i never remember when i did register all of this..muahaha)

secondary mail

this is my new email i've made just now.. i've specialised this email for a site frequently send me mail.. it make my inbox always full.. imagine, up to thousand mail per day.. oh gosh.. totally exhausted to delete all of them..
so, the sites that i've specialised to this email are:
-facebook (quaifa ..)
-tagged (quaifa qurratul)
-myspace (quaifa qurratul)
-friendster (quaifa qurratul)

those are major site of my social activities instead of blogging kayh..

and for information, all my hi5, dekstop dating, flixster, fanbox n etc have been deleted by me since those site just make me


Zaif adalah aku said...

gapow duk ngepek nie dik weh..hehehe

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

sajo nok ronyaks jew.. hahahha
balik doh ko abe???

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