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Saturday, November 06, 2010


HMM... feeling so lonely here... stood still on this bed.. typing this entry.. before going down to the searching for any food that i can chew and eat.. lol.. craving for food right now.. everyone leave me alone.. waaa.. as at her home.. boo also.. nisa also.. moja also.. ops.. not in his home.. he's meeting his fiancĂ©e at kuantan... lallalalalala.. hope they will live happily ever after.. hihi.. except for fara n g... they're here with their classmates up there in their block.. far away from mine.. my roomate also gone's home..hmm.. dunno what to do... feeling like living in a cave lonely with wind and tree... and sometimes the rain's beside me.. and the most important.. my hubby.. also in his home since wednesday..huk3.. leaving me alone.. usually if all's gone, he would be beside me..hurmm.. never mind... its hard for him to go home always rite?.. but, he is leaving me.. he will start his work early of the next year.. still dunno where he'll get post.. hope not to far away... will be missing him there.. my family.. feeling so regretful not go home last thursday... y?? because now all members of my family are at kuala terengganu mara junior science college for my 2nd sis graduation.. hurmm... my sis just called me yesterday asking for my attendance but feeling so sorry because i've no one to drive me there.. happy graduation day's kid.. hope you will be success in your life.. dont be like me.. sometimes i still regret of what i've done in my life... and for sure, you still dont know right about the existence of this blog.. hope one day, u will know about this blog, and forgive me if there is something that will make u get mad.. hihi.. its my feeling kayh.. everyone have the right to throw away their satisfaction n unsatisfactorily on sth right... hmm.. now, i think its enough.. need to open the book and craving for food rite now.. hurmm.. exam will be on this tuesday.. but still i dont open any book to read... just the internet social networking..hihi

p/s : thanks to sarah for coming here although just for 3 minute likely while im typing this entry..hihi.. at least i know, there is someone who remember my


mE iS aS said...

oh my touching when reading ur post..n feel guilty for leaving u alone..huhu...but sokay, tomorrow i'll b there okey..we'll go to koop together, go to cafe together, go to lib together..miss u damn much LOL

QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

haha.. waiting for u....huhu

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