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Saturday, November 27, 2010

11.50 pm

stood still on chair.. typing this entry.. waiting for hours to update this.. trying so hard to update my lovely blog.. haha.. busy in the house.. hahah.. with my sis n bro.. all with different attitude.. sometimes get on my nerve.. feeling so lonely in the heart.. really?? no la.. happy..huhu.. of cozla.. just now open my friend's blog, gda, she become a model for yezz's magazine.. so cute n photogenic for me.. congrats.. and her blog is best..

thinking on somthing.. until when should i keep it secret from everybody.. its the truth of me.. one is only for me.. and one more is only my family known bout it.. hope it will remains as a secret.. but i know, it will be reveals in the future.. haha..nonsense.. not important pown.. sooo, dont ask me what isit.. not gonna answer that..

waiting for 6 more days.. to go to a place that i hope it will give me a very precious experience.. then the next one week after, insyaAllah gonna be in Kuala Lumpur taking my spm certificate.. n hope they save me one copy of school magazine..hahah.. miss KL so much.. everything..muahhh3.. then maybe after that, move on to Penang for a couple of days.. to my uncle's house.. but still dont know yet confirm or not.. then being home for a while.. then, new semester begin.. start a new journey, with a new hope and new effort..

p/s: who want to order geo contact lens, can order it from me.. thanks.. haha.. new business?

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