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Sunday, October 17, 2010


many havoc story happened all these while.. and i, thank God finally i can update my lovely blog after days searching for a second to update it...

lots of option needs to be blended.. and lots of beads also need to be beading.. this cloth really challenge me as its like it is my fault choosing that color of bead and sequin..huhu.. but, i dont have the strength anymore to open back all of them and do it again...hmmm...never mind.. this is my own creation and i need to finish it this week.. huhu.. aini, i know that u can do it..

exam... it is really around the corner.. in order to achieve the best score, i need to study and revise from now.. but, am i really that hardworking?? huhu.. only me knows..

home.. really miss home.. so much.. there have been more than a month since i last went back home in september for raya.. and this weekend, i dont went home, and the coming weekend also dont allow me to do so because i am one of the tennis player.. just wanna try and create a new talent.. maybe..huhu.. at least it give me fun..

money.. seems like it is one of the things that everyone search for.. no money no talk in this globalisation world.. huhu.. even i wanna use 5 second for toilet, i need to pay at least 20 cent.. global world.. everything needs money.. and for it, i need to plan my budjet, and know of in and out of my own money.. everything..

temperature... for me this is bad.. because last night, i sleep quite late at 2 am but then woke up suddenly at 3.15 am then just sleep at 5 something am.. i dont know.. and i woke up at 7 am.. y?? because its so hot..

class.. classmate?? its all going very well.. just normal routine but little bit relax.. because sometimes, there is no lecture time.. huhu.. i love this..

ESC?? what is that actually.. its known as excellence sifoo club, and i've been in this club since last week. i thought its just for a motivation slot with school students from nearby area.. but then, we then  know that we are the members of the club.. omg.. but today is fun, doing all the tricky thing science apprentice, walking around the ipg to tell and introduce them about what is contained here and else..such a lovely experience..

now?? and now i feel very sleepy.. thinking to sleep now but wanna bead the cloth.. which one is better/?? i think i choose sleep.. because my head is very heavy now.. good night world.. see you tomorrow with more challenging moment and reason..

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mE iS aS said...

gmba ade nga aku..gmba u la y byknye..diva kan..

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