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Monday, October 04, 2010

unpredictable yet tireness

finally.. i did finished my gerko practical.. its so hard to do but Alhamdulillah.. i made it.. for serve, i gott lowest mark which is 3, but then 2nd until the last, i got all 4, so my mark all equal to 23 mrks.. its ok.. full marks is 30.. so, it sokay.. not bad...huhu.. my tireness is worth it..

but then, when i just came back into my room.......

it dare to do that.. what?? pee... hmm.. who?? THE CAT.. i dont know which one.. but when i got back to my room just now.. i smell something sticky in my locker.. so, i try to check it out..hmm... its so smeellllllllyyyyy..... oh no.. my towel... it has been pee by the cat..huk3...sad...

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mE iS aS said...

meh aku tlg mu cobek kucim tu..kito pakat kerjong lakow

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