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Sunday, October 31, 2010

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.. i'll sit for my first exam paper which is english.. quite nervous here..hmm.. y? becoz still need more preparation.. buat tomorrow is quite ok.. maybe.. for me.. but tomorrow after tomorrow.. i'll sit for 2nd paper.. which is malay language.. although i'm a malay.. is it?? lit bit la... becoz my father is mixed indon + chinese.. and my mother is mixed malay +  indian.. but, i'm more to my father's side.. maybe.. haha.. i'm proud to have 4 lines of blood in my blood... haha.. like in harry potter, witches from both muggle is mudblood.. but, me, person with many ties of blood would be call what?? dunno.. dunt even cross my head.. lol many peoples says person who are mixed blood is clever.. but, for me it depends on the person becoz some are gifted to be clever and some are clever because they have the effort to be good and being among the best..  me?? owh.. dont ask me.. i dunno where i am categorized.. its too difficult.. because i cant learn in lecture or class.. and i must learn on my own effort.. so, i need twice effort.. huh.. its hard for me.. because sometimes i dont study at all.. haha.. thats y i need MOTIVATION... its important for me to self-motivate myself.. for my own sake.. for my own good.. kayh.. need to stop here.. i wanna study.. wish me all the best for tomorrow and the next day.. i'll sit for 4 exam papers which is english language on tomorrow, malay language on the next day, science 1 on 9th and last paper science 2 on 15th nov.. too much gap.. but, thankful.. hope i'll fill all the time with revision..

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mE iS aS said...

gud luck gal!

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