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Friday, October 22, 2010


just woke up at 6.45 but its already 7.24 but i still haven't get a bath.. need to rush up to the tennis court for the tennis tournament... its like i dont have mood to be there..its like sucks.. sorry...hehe... just a mad of yesterday still inside me.. he said.. relax... no pikir2.. okeh.. sejuk dh hati saya...huhu ok, wanna get a bath now.. daa... love u all... thanks for reading my blog and be my loyal reader although my blog just ordinary one... nothing interesting... because some said i dontt like to read ur blog because its in english and some said i dont like ti read your blog because its in malay and i dont understand... so, what im gonna do.. okeh, my option, english is number one because i love english so much.. second option will be malay language... or sometimes i'll mix them both... for all of you, its better u learn both language kayh.. lerarning a rainbow of language is fun actually.. its give you many specialities when u have mastered all of them..

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